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[talk] BL, cats, quiz

Matthew x Guy (The first coloring of a few... will be shifting the spam around when the time comes~)

Listening to lots of Fukuyama Jun and Kamiya Hiroshi BL dramas again. Thanks to nanya_hime's review site, I'm actually understanding almost everything going on in certain dramas the first time I listen to them. *swt* They usually blow straight over my head the first time, and then I slowly piece together the plot after listening to them again... like I did with Candy Store. Maybe because I was blabbing with people on IRC at the time... :D;;;

Lina's been sleeping behind my back for the past couple hours. She prematurely took over my chair after I showered. <3 My butt hurts like heck because I'm sitting on the edge of the chair, but it's worth it...................... She usually gets bugged off enough to move off the chair, but... she's getting used to the movement or something. Or she misses my presence that much. <3 Maybe because I gave her a luxery massage before sitting. haha.

Handwriting Analysis

What does your handwriting say about YOU?

Do you read or write fanfiction?
Both, but mostly the former. ^^;

When did you first start reading/writing fanfiction?
I started writing a Pokemon fic in 4th grade. Started reading in 6th grade Gundam Wing 1x2/2x1 (Heero/Duo) fics. If Beanie Baby fics count, that'd also be in 4th grade when I read/wrote a few. Wow. XD;;

What was your first fandom?
Something non-Anime, Beanie Babies. Anime... Pokemon.

First ship?
Pokemon KenjixOC x.x; I don't really want to count that tho... 1x2/2x1 I suppose. @.@

What website do you use most?
For fanfiction, I'm assuming... FF.N, sadly XD

What do you think of Fanfiction.net?
I like it for the large archive of fics and a good gathering of authors and reviewers. I hate it for its sucky submission policies, the fear of having fics deleted with unjust reasons, its horrible word processing, and taintings of garbage fics. XD And I also hate it for having that large archive... because I want to boycott it, but I kind of... can't. >_> Oh well. Anti-ffnet-ness has turned into its own fandom... haha.

What fandoms have you written in?
Pokemon, Digimon, Hunter x Hunter, Ragnarok Online... I wrote like half of a G-Wing fic longggg ago which never got anywhere and is super-duper crappy, as it's one of my first yaoi fics. I have that semi-complete One Piece fic that I dunno if I'll ever post. Working on some others. XD

So many... :O~ Ones I'm interested enough to read fics in (I generally don't have seme/uke preferences) from top priority to last:
Matthew/Guy (Fire Emblem 7)
Taichi/Yamato (Digimon Adventure/02)
Takuya/Kouji (Digimon Frontier)
Zoro/Luffy (One Piece)
Anything Onmyou Taisenki that I have interest in...
Sasuke/Naruto (Naruto)
Killua/Gon (Hunter x Hunter)
Waya/Hikaru/Isumi (Hikaru no Go)
Kikumaru/Oishi (PoT)
Takao/Kai (Beyblade)
Too many Gundam SEED/Destiny ones.. I haven't had time to explore much, though. ^^;

Any fandoms you would like to write in?
I'm not sure about doing any writing these days... but I definitely want to finish... or RE-WRITE what I've already started, which is all Digimon. And Onmyou Taisenki fics.

Do reviews affect how you write in any way?
It sure helps in the motivation department, since it feels rather empty writing fanfiction that no one else shares interest in. I don't mind getting no reviews when it's a piece that I just wanted to get out for the sake of getting it out. Otherwise, I usually release stuff to experience the joy with others... And I have to hear from them to know that they're feeling it~. :D

Do you use a beta?
Nope, I've never asked anybody to do so specifically... I don't really mind either way ^^;

What ratings do you read/write?
Read it all. I've read great stuff in every rating. Write, all ratings done... NC-17 can be really boring or really exciting, though, so getting in the mood to write that is rare.

What warnings have you used on your fiction/read?
Spoilers, angst, violence, sex, personal writing failures.. D:

Do you have any squicks?
I'm not attracted to death/endless-torturefics even if they can be very powerful. Super insanely philosophical fluff is kind of funny (even though the author certainly didn't intend it to be) sometimes. Mm... I have a lot more, but too lazy to type 'em out.

Do you Role-play online? If so, what?
Occasional spurts on IRC... if that counts O_o; I can't imagine finding the time to arrange a blog and everything else that rp teams have these days...

Have you ever stolen something from another person's work?
Not stolen, but fed on his/her inspiration? XDDDDD Language is just a bunch of stolen words in the first place. But no, I don't plagiarize.

Favorite fandom to write/read?
Digimon, although for the past year, I've still been reading RianneHime's Fire Emblem 7 fics over and over. XD They are so genius.

Favorite pairing?
I can just say Taichi/Yamato because it is my ultimate homie >.<~ Right now, Matthew/Guy has my hots, with dashes of Takuya/Kouji.

Favorite writer/writers?
RianneHime and heck... everyone on my favorite FF.N authors list. >>~~ :D

How long should a chapter be?
3-5k words, take or lose some words, is pretty comfy to me, but I don't have particular tiffs with super long or short chpts, etc.. it's the actual content that counts. :)

Do you write/read drabbles?
Not really. Just don't have the time. They tend to get included in larger fics.

Any fandoms you avoid?
Uh... ones I'm not interested in? o.@?

Pairings you avoid?
Lots. ^^; Mostly straight ones.

Warnings you avoid?
Mary Sues (Is usually labeled with OC, although I do know there are some good fics with OCs... it's just... yeah ._.). Deathfics. Sometimes character bashing.

Do the number of reviews tell how good a story is?
Haha, yeah right ._.

What do you think of Mary Sues?
Funny as hell. But they'll never make it to my all-time top list.

Have you ever flamed someone?
Perhaps crude criticism, but I don't remember flaming someone.

Have you ever been flamed?
Yeah. They're boring, interesting, aggravating, stupid, funny, sad, depressing and motivating at the same time. Flames are useful for cooking things.

That's it, aren't you glad?
No, give me more questions. O.o;?

I just realized... Takato/Kai and Takao/Kai....... one is a Digimon movie 5 pairing and the other is Beyblade... D: the power of one~
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