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[talk] Sleeping with cats

I can fangirl about non-Japanese related things too. D: *swt*

A good time to be a part of lj... :D 10 gigs of picture storage = super ♥ ♥ ♥

Old picture - The cats and my feet. - Lina (6 years?) on the left, Lucy (14 years?) on the right. Both female.

I come back to these lovely things on Tuesday and until classes start again on Thursday, Jan 5, 2006. (z0mg, new year approaching!)

XDD I've had "sleep" and "sleeping with cats" on my lj interests list for a pretty long time...Sleep really is an amazing thing. ^^~ Even though my sister owns the shiba inu "Bowdu" as she's in Taiwan right now, I had yoinked "sleeping with cats" from her interests list. During Thanksgiving break, I had a pretty good sleep with Lina... she just crawls under my sheets next to me and... sleeps. That is... If I'm not moving around too much, which is the hardest part for me. XD

Hehe, the stuff my family does with our cats fascinates me in a pointless way... Like... my dad often complains about how troublesome it is to take care of pets, but he does some really strange things like get laser pointers for the cats to go berserk with. And he'll smile about how Lina will chase the light frantically, but Lucy will just sit and look at it lazily.

And whenever we have dinner, the cats will gather around the dinner table and disturb us in subtle ways. Lucy is usually just lazying around the living/dining room throughout the day anyway, but now that Lina's around, Lucy will sometimes go up to her and start grooming her, which usually leads to a big catfight. O.o; Noisy, noisy, noisy catfights, and only on Lina's side. XD She makes the most freaking hilarious uke cat noises I've ever heard when she's fighting with Lucy. So. Freaking. Uke. |3 *covers face, very embarrassed at how much hearing the noises makes her giggle*

Old pictures taken from an old webcam - Catfight 1 Catfight 2

XD; These two shots amuse me to no end, although it's a shame they're not in high resolution. Lina is always, ALWAYS on the bottom like in the 2nd pic. Making many uke noises. LOL, if I had the time, I'd like to take more pictures of them fighting and make icons out of them ._.;;;;;;;;

Anyway, at dinner... Lina will take over my dad's seat since he often leaves to watch the news in the living room while he's eating, but he often comes to the table during commercial breaks and such. Then he'll deliberately and slowly attempt to sit on Lina. Once she starts feeling the pressure from my dad's butt, Lina will go "rawehdfferrrr! D:" and get off, only to get back on after dad leaves again. hahaa.... xD After dinner's over, once the table isn't covered with dishes of food, Lina will often jump onto the table and just... lie there, waiting for us to give her attention. Mom will say something along the lines about how Lina is so undisciplined, but then we end up awing about how cute she is. O.o; Or one of us will pick her up and try to keep her on our lap. But she doesn't like being on someone's lap against her will, so she'll struggle off. And sometimes the cycle will restart with her coming back on the table.~

Of course, there are times when Lina or Lucy just hop on our laps during dinner for the heck of it. XD~

Yeah... sleep...

Byakko no Akatsuki lj layout-ness, for the tigerness! Crap, Japanese-related!!! XDDD;;; Ah.
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