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[talk] End of 2005 big PIMPing post.

This is really personal, but I hope to see some good things happen with it, so I hope you'll share the experience and good times with me. :) Past pimps pimped into one, plus lots of other mini-pimps.

The end of 2005 is coming. Retrospect... Anime style! Lots of it. This is the absolute cutting down on this side of the fence.
Covers many of the series that have started and ended during university life up to this point of time.
When it comes down to it, the characters, music, animation and the feelings the story itself gives win me over, so that's what these are based upon.

I give two ultimate winners. And surprise, surprise. One could be considered shoujo/drama, and the other could be considered shounen/monster. Both are so much more than genres.

Overall best:
  • Honey & Clover
  • - download - CLICK IT
  • Onmyou Taisenki
  • - download

    Honorable mentions:
  • Gankutsuou
  • (most beautiful series. ever. ever XD) - download
  • (Catboys and shounen-ai. and seiyuu~) - download
  • Sousei no Aquarion
  • (Music, Apollo and crack characters <3 ) - download or download

    To break it down a bit:
    Characters: I tagged a ton of pictures in my lj gallery..... finally. XD This is really personal pimping... Don't mind the fangirling. ;o;

    1. - Honey & Clover - Takemoto Yuuta -

    2. - Onmyou Taisenki - Yoshikawa Yakumo

    3. - Onmyou Taisenki - Tachibana Riku

    4. - Onmyou Taisenki - Oogami Masaomi

    5. - Onmyou Taisenki - Byakko no Kogenta

    Yesh, Takemoto gets the first spot... :X On top of that loving personality, everything else was also just........................................ beautiful *_*; And this is really weird... but... Black sweaters, layers, hoodies... he pwned me with every single clothes style I'm addicted to seeing. sdkfjdkjhfskjdhfjksdhfdf.

    And a bit of Morita for onkei_kun, although I ended up putting mostly lovey-dovey faces of him somehow O.o

    And then Onmyou Taisenki has so many characters I'm in love with that it's ridiculous. XD; It gets even nicer when they're interacting with each other. :O~

    1. Sousei no Aquarion
    2. Honey & Clover
    3. Gankutsuou, LOVELESS, Onmyou Taisenki

    1. Gankutsuou
    2. Onmyou Taisenki, Honey & Clover
    4. Sousei no Aquarion

    The feelings from the story... is something that I find extremely hard to talk about. This is definitely where I fall short when it comes to pimping. People always ask me "what's that series about?" and many times... I will just say "watch it and see. >_>~" Because really... What I bring out into the open might not really say how much I feel about it. Yeah, I can pinpoint certain scenes and go "That part really pulled on my happy strings" but I can't really... generalize these stories in that sense. *sigh* Well. I'm prepared to fangirl in other ways. I'll leave it at that. :)

    Currently running and, at the moment, never-ending honorable mentions:

  • Konjiki no Gash Bell!!

  • Kyou Kara Maou!

  • The Law of Ueki
  • (Not so never-ending, but it will be missed when it's over ;o;)
  • One Piece

  • Yakitate!! Japan
  • (Not so never-ending, but it will be missed when it's over ;o;)

    Best of pre-university:
    1. Digimon (no surprise, no explanation necessary. XD)
    2. Hunter x Hunter (I've yet to find a better match for the solid beauty of the TV series animation in another shounen series... Killua/Gon <3 )
    3. Naruto (Unfortunately, my affinity for this series has collapsed hugely within the past couple years thanks to a certain number of fans of it who are just plain obnoxious about it. onkei_kun and myth720 are some of the only people who I wouldn't mind fangirling it with still. But in general, I've strayed away from this series because of those obnoxious people... a sad thing that has happened, it is. :( ...)

    Other university-time series (the folders on the anime folder of my hard drive or stuff I remember... meaning that if I burned stuff off, it might not on here):
    Ah My Goddess TV: Series I had to become pretty familiar with for editing it in AnimeOne/AnimeYuki. Thanks to Cindy, I had a pretty deep appreciation for this series beforehand. And it's still there. Random sidenote-- go Norse mythology~ Extra eps for season 1 and Season 2 to come. :)
    AIR: *bawls* Ahhhhhhh, the tearful scenes ;o;~ A lot of things didn't make sense, but in awe of the animation and the SADNESS of the story, it's a pretty big winner in its own way. The movie was a big disappointment, though. The characters were much sexier in the TV series + summer special. XD
    Black Cat: The animation isn't exactly up-to-par with some of the ideas I had in mind, but the visuals are still pretty darn stunning. It's GONZO, after all. And there's Eve.
    BLEACH: This one should speak for itself... Story, music, seiyuu, animation... surprisingly, I haven't attached myself to any particular couple in this series. For some reason, latching myself to a couple really increases my commitment to a series, with subtle exceptions like... Naruto. Well, anyway... Pierrot's doing an amazing job with this series. But for all the wonder that the animation is, for some reason I'm not finding my heart keeping this as a sacred treasure like the other winners. Perhaps it really does take a solid ending to do that... The problem with Pierrot's shounen series is that... those solid endings don't happen...
    Blood+: Eh... Saving for a watch marathon in the future.
    Cluster Edge: Fruity all-boy shows have turned me off sometimes for certain reasons (the girls in Weiss Kreuz. x_X), but Fukuyama Jun and Sunrise doing this one are just too good to resist.
    Damekko Doubutsu: I swear this one actually changed the way I see life... I don't even know why. I wish there was more. Extremely wish.
    Erementar Gerad: Coud/Ren moments were good, hot stuff. Good Ishida Akira. The eps leading to the last ep were rather mediocre, and then the last episode loaded all the good fighting animation (I'm not sure if I like that kind of thing). Pretty good series overall though. I liked the way they used Yuki Kajiura's compositions throughout the series, unlike others... *cough*
    Eureka seveN: Another one I might watch marathon in the future. I haven't watched past ep 9. Only a couple seiyuu I recognize. BONES animation is smooth as usual. I didn't expect it to be longer than 26, but apparently, it is. Some crazy things happen according to the magazines, too. We'll see.
    Eyeshield 21: Leanne's obsession over this (and sports series in general)... lol. Fun stuff. Though honestly, I first heard about this series from onkei_kun.
    Full Metal Panic TSR: A lot of things were AWESOME about this, but some things felt a bit off. The animation is to die for, and I feel for Sousuke and Chidori. Just... wish it were more shoujo and not as mecha. I'm usually not much for either category, but if there's a shoujo I like... it's to stay. XD; Oh well... still awesome.
    Gakuen Alice: ISSHONI.... A...SO...BO....! Yet again my choice of a shoujo series has weirdness to it. The love kind of wiggled at the end of the animation, though. Naisho needs to freaking finish this so I can burn it off, har har. XD~
    Gallery Fake: Waa, nobody subs this... It'd be a hard one to sub, of course... XD Wah, whatever.
    Gankutsuou: Getting the DVDs for this one. The expensive Geneon ones!!! x_x Because it's just that beautiful. <3
    Ginban Kaleidoscope: Mediocre shoujo + ice-skating... I like the opening. Will watch-marathon once it finishes since it's a short series.
    Gun x Sword: watched the first 7... will either watch-marathon the rest once it finishes or get rid of it completely, depending on what I hear about the end. Definitely looks like a series that can really go up or downhill.
    Gundam SEED Destiny: LOL JOYRIDE. I'm still not a mecha fan, but as long as they have real ties with the plot, I'm fine with them. And seriously, the humans, seiyuu and music are what bring the most popularity for this series. I definitely succumb to all of those aspects... but none of them have won my heart as much as the ones who have won today. The name Gundam just makes it more public and memorable. Waiting for the likely... third season. ._. However, this is definitely a fun series to discuss and... have other fun with. XD
    Ichigo 100%: I honestly started watching this because I saw that Suzumura Ken'ichi voiced the lead and I was a little high on him at the time. I somehow watched through all of the TV series without so much grimacing at all the blatant ecchi and panty/breast fanservice. Shocking. Once I got to the OVAs, those things finally got to me, so I just fast-forwarded certain parts. And yeah heh... I didn't miss much from doing so.
    Jigoku Shoujo: Deleted for lack of time, though slight possibility for marathoning in the future. First ep is uber cool, but the rest of the series looks like the same thing over and over again.
    Kannaduki no Miko: W00t yuri! XD; Random takes from all of the usual anime stereotypes (mecha boy, popular girl, bookworm girl, obsessive brother... etc) make this series fun too.
    Konjiki no Gash Bell: Shounen and animal love.. :D Kiyomaro~ lots of other cool people~ Seiyuu and music love as well.
    Kyou Kara Maou: I keep thinking that this series would've been better as a 26 or 50 ep series, but I'm not grumpy about it being as long as it is. It just... keeps expanding. XD~ It reminds me so much of Fire Emblem. The seiyuu palooza is nice, too.
    LOVELESS: Well, having to watch every ep 5 or so times in the same week made me become pretty familiar with it... stunning. Just beautiful. The ending was unsatisfactory, but I was actually expecting it ever since I knew it was a 12 episode series. After all, the manga goes pretty far beyond that. So they're doing drama CDs right now. Animating stuff takes a LOT more work and money, after all. XD And I'm fine with that. Booyah Japanese.
    MAJOR: I bawled a ton at the end of the first "story" in this even though it was a really impractical situation. I cry pathetically like that, though. And it's unlike other sports anime where people have amazing out-of-the-world skills with creative names. This one is just about... the simple spirit of playing with others. And it's fine that way. :') A good one to marathon.
    MAR: The TV series is staying very true to the manga, yet with the slow-pacing and kind of awkward animation, it's a little aggravating waiting for climax moments. Some really nice parts still, though. And it has manly Hoshi~ harhar.
    Meine Liebe: Hehe fruity boys and politics. Seiyuu~ Animation is nice, too. Waiting for the second season.
    Mushishi: It's so WEIRD, yet I can't take my eyes off it somehow. No particularly special music or seiyuu that I'm aware of yet. Except when I have work I really have to do, then I feel really guilty for wasting time, so it's kind of on a low-priority for watching. But the animation is pretty stunning.
    NARUTO: Haven't watched any of the fillers. Will either marathon the fillers in the summer or skip over them altogether. Leaning toward the latter with what time I have lately.
    Noein: If I hadn't heard Nakai Kazuya in the first episode as one of the main characters, I wouldn't have a spark of interest in this series... XD But will check out more eps when I have time and see if it's worth sitting through. ^^;
    One Piece: Of course.
    Onmyou Taisenki: Double of course. I don't need to re-pimp the O's here too, do I?! XD
    Patalliro Saiyuki: Ack, the raws stopped coming after 13... so I dunno... :( I'd love to know though. So many funny ties to the Saiyuki (Journey to the West)/Monkey/whatever they like to call it. Still love the op/ed. XD
    Prince of Tennis: Hehe seiyuu palooza. It was the seiyuu that had me choose this over watching Inu Yasha last summer.
    Shakugan no Shana: Awesome series which holds my deep appreciation despite my first impressions that it was just another h-game "soft-side" animation. It's the girls, basically. This kind of exception goes along with series I quite enjoyed like AIR and Kannaduki no Miko.
    Solty Rei: Deleted-- What's with GONZO and mass-producing loli girls and mass-destruction potential now? It was pretty cool, but it's not something I can attach myself to.
    Soukyuu no Fafner: I occasionally go on strange, unexplainable fangirl sessions revolving around this series. No idea why... It has some really fun perks. XD;
    Sousei no Aquarion: I made a post on this earlier.
    Speed Grapher: Even though this is hardly up-to-par with some of GONZO's other works in animation, I really enjoyed the characters and storyline. All of the random erotia was a huge turnoff in the beginning, but they became less apparent as the series continued. Thank goodness. The characters and storyline really pulled through for me in the end. Good and solid.
    Sukisyo: FANSERVICE~~~ That's really all I can say about it. Hehe.
    tactics: Mm, some really nice things in this one. Only thing that really got on my nerves was... Suzume. x_x; TV plot'd.
    The Law of Ueki: Seiyuu heaven and shounen goodness. < 3
    TIDE-LINE BLUE: I didn't expect this series to be so short since it followed the animators who did Uninhabited Planet SURVIVE, but it was very well-researched and a very clean series overall. Simple and clean. The soundtrack is composed by the one who did Fafner's, Saito Tsuneyoshi, for random trivia. XD
    Trinity Blood: The ending... yet another read-the-manga incentive attempt. Leah sigh... but it was a good ride while it lasted. I started watching this at first because of the animation style ties to tactics and GetBackers and GONZO produced it. I admit that the main reason I finished watching this was for the seiyuu... once again. XD
    Tsubasa Chronicle: Will marathon when I have... LOTS of free time. It's so slow and blah that I constantly feel like I should be doing something else when I watch it. So I DO do something else. -.-; And really, my only personal interest in Tsubasa is the manga artstyle. A lot of people in South Quad and the anime club here at uni are in love with Tsubasa. They're always gushing about how cute Sakura is and how awesome the music is. I had been so excited when I heard Yuki Kajiura would be doing the soundtrack for this series, so I thought it would be some magnificient work... but I guess I should've thought about it a little deeper. Yuki Kajiura did compose some really nice stuff for this series, but... nothing so outstanding that it really won me over. And a lot of times the animation and the music don't collaborate as well as I would wish. It's definitely far apart from pieces like Honey & Clover and Aquarion where the music justs hits... right where it refuses to go away. So maybe I'll never get to watching this. XD That might happen.
    Yakitate!! Japan: Every ep is absolute genius, brilliance, insanity, and every good ingredient mixed in. Just pure entertainment to die for.
    Zettai Shonen: I paused at the halfway point at ep 13 since a big change happens afterwards, and it's easier to follow the story if I marathon it. And no particular seiyuu to squee over. The music has its own unique appeal. Plus, it's a very laid-back series in general, so I'll need to be more relaxed to watch it. Just waiting until I can do that. XD

    When I first entered university and experienced the wonder of i2 internet, I had resolved to basically download as much anime as I could possibly get and get into as many series as possible. In my head, I was going "VARIETY, VARIETY OMG VARIETY~~~!!!" But now I realize that I don't have time for that, nor do I really want to do that... XD The list above only lists university-time series that I felt I had something significantly positive or just something significant to myself. There are a lot of series that I've downloaded the first ep or so of and just taken off. So I think I'm finally getting closer to finding out where I really stand in the whole anime spectrum... and I'll try my best to keep going with it.

    Yes, there are tons of series where music pwns or seiyuu pwns or a certain character is sexy beyond imagination... and the factors determining what stays with me are pretty hard to see coming sometimes. For example, Honey & Clover, which I thought was "just another series" for such a long time, and not until I really thought about it and check with myself did I find out how much it really settles with me. And it's REALLY hard for me to catch on to het series. Especially for a series where there could've been so much REALLY NICE shounen-ai potential. But hachikuro is still beautiful, regardless of which way it "flies." There's just so much to it that my triffling desires to see s-ai seem so insignificant comparitively... So it wins. And then One Piece, a series I hadn't watched for a long time just because I had no idea what it really was, and then when I finally started watching it at the beginning of uni, it caught like a wildfire. And Onmyou Taisenki... I first started watching it as another monster show like Monster Rancher or stuff like that, attracted by Kogenta's tigerness and hoping for something to feed my Digimon-like desire, and it bloomed into lots of love... D:

    And seriously looking at what I've been watching, this is what I get.

    Cheers. We'll see what the winter 2005 season and whatever's ahead gets us. Right now, I'm all for this retrospect though. ^^
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