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[talk] Lately... hachikuro

I realized I've never really fangirled Honey & Clover in here... mostly because of lack of time. I need to find a good pimping topic from another blogger with more time on his/her hands. Kind of like this One Piece pimping topic. Well, it doesn't have to be THAT thorough. XD

*edit* Hmm.. maybe CDJapan's H & C (hachikuro) pimping page will suffice. :) And screenshots + scanlations. */edit*

But I do have to say that Honey & Clover (manga and 24 episode anime) is one of the most impacting series I've ever come across. It's one of those slice-of-life series that really... speaks to me. When I first started this series, I had a lot of reservations because of all the straight romance that didn't appeal to me (I think Morita and Hagu is the only couple I'd really support. Even though Hagu looks like a 7-year-old and lolirific). But when they're not focusing on that aspect of the series, it's just beautiful... It's simply life. And the insert songs from the animation...

Oh yeah, and Kamiya Hiroshi as Takemoto = <3

Honey & Clover 1-24 torrent (complete): http://a.scarywater.net/solar/Honey%20&%20Clover.torrent

I've also been listening to BL Drama like mad (w/ Kamiya Hiroshi and Fukuyama Jun for some strange obsessive reasons... O.o; Fukuyama Jun x Kamiya Hiroshi too.. *straight through my head @.@~*), not really for the hot sex scenes (although I do admit I greatly anticipate them.. XDDDD *swt*), but just for the greatness that they are by themselves. And I'm actually starting to understand them decently without having to read summaries first >_>~ Progress, progress. Ahh... the subtleties of KouKou with Kamiya Hiroshi x Suzumura Ken'ichi... Fukuyama Jun's in pretty much the most upcoming BL Drama out of any seiyuu from what I can see.. O.o;;; Riku's getting around!!!!!!

And I realize... this is one of the biggest reasons why I'm in love with Japanese. Not the ONLY one, of course... but this has great significance to me. I don't know any other languages with a culture like this~~~~ XD; Male seiyuu addiction!

Of course, get the cute dabs like playing the Pokemon RPG... *swt*~

Waa, another paper rough draft due Friday... ganbarimasu.

Just a few reminders for myself x.x;~
Website fixes:
-Revamp the profile page or get rid of it... *likely the latter for sake of time* It's so old x.x
-Check the links page-- a lot of Japanese Digimon sites are dead or closed. :(
-Check the "Anime Splash has seen," which hasn't been updated since last February... ._.; Probably just get rid of that too...
-Put 1px black border on the Burning light link banners/buttons
-Check everything else while you're at it. D:

I fail at pretty site layouts.~ But I suppose that's okay... I just get very envious of the good ones :'O
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