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[download][talk] Thanksgiving break

Ahh, the Onmyou Taisenki OST 2 cover is absolute gyuudon love. rofl < 3

I still get allergies like heck when I visit home, but being with the cats more than makes up for them. XD Today, I took a short trip to the doctor and got my right ear irrigated of... a really disgusting chunk of ear wax that had been accumulating there for a few years. x_x;

I started playing with my old plastic dinosaur toys as soon as I got home... and I still remember most of the world that I created with them. And I remember writing a little booklet all about it... I did a lot of weeeeird things when I was younger. Must find it! Time capsule closet raid time!

Animedia 2005 Nov Cluster Edge - http://pics.livejournal.com/splash/pic/000aepw8/g32
Animedia 2005 Nov Gundam SEED Destiny Kira pullout - http://pics.livejournal.com/splash/pic/000aspk3/g32
Animedia 2005 Nov The Law of Ueki - http://pics.livejournal.com/splash/pic/000atdks/g32

Animage 2005 Nov Black Cat - http://pics.livejournal.com/splash/pic/000ak9g3/g32
Animage 2005 Nov Cluster Edge - http://pics.livejournal.com/splash/pic/000aqw5h/g32
Animage 2005 Nov Trinity Blood - http://pics.livejournal.com/splash/pic/000araww/g32

Stuff I need to do by the end of the weekend... not much of a break:
-Write Japanese essay
-Email ASIAN300 instructor about paper topic, catch up with tons of readings
-Compose some ghazal and shijo poems about... life at u of michigan.*
-Make brochure for linguistics final project

*Normally, I wouldn't mind doing these kind of assignments if they were open-topic, but I'd really rather not do them on the topic of umich. -.-;;;; No choice. wtf. Oh well. Not like it's going to make my poems less depressing anyway. Even my 7th grade poetry book is depressing and cynical as heck even though it's about animals and has pokemon in it~ -.-;;; haha, at least my teacher loved it. XD

Speaking of which, the new Pokemon RPG (Mysterious Dungeon) is nice... :D Good 日本語 grammar practice since it's all in hiragana/katakana and I can read it all without spending hours at the kanji dictionary. And it's a cute story.~ Only problems I'm having are with the TM moves and figuring out how to link them up... but I can still do well in the game without them, so that can all wait until I become more familiar with the system.

I play the Pikachu, and Charmander is my partner... The Alakazam, Tyrannitar and Charizard had been trying to defeat me because they believed that I would bring a great disaster to all of the pokemon... according to a legend that had been going around and a bullying Gengar who spread the rumor to scapegoat me. This is from a scene when they find out from Ninetales that I'm not actually the one who will bring havoc to all the Pokemon.. XD; Charmander follows me anywhere anyway < 3

Char love... < 3 oh right.. I need to give my Charizard plushie a sponge bath. It's so dirty... O.o;; Ahhh, isogashii...
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