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[talk] Youmacon 2005 returnment!

Ahh... I am back from Youmacon... and fatigued as hell (mostly because I hadn't gotten much sleep this week in general), but this was soooo worth it. I went with Leanne, Lawrence, and Mika whom I knew from Intro to Asian Cultures class.

And they're screening such NIIIIIIIICEEEE things on Saturday... Our Onmyou Taisenki 1-6 and Nikolai says he runs Damekko Doubutsu in-between. *suparrr hugs* :) Some other delicious perks such as Sousei no Aquarion 1-6, Honey & Clover, Yakitate!! Japan (was over by the time we got the convention though), Major 1-6, MAR 1-3, Hunter x Hunter 1-6.... and uh... whoa BLEACH 1-30. XDDDDDD Lots of other good stuff, just some examples. :3 Gah, wish I could have stayed for the whole weekend, but I'd fall behind in classes and some other small factors involving university life kept it from happening. Maybe in the future...

Ohoho, linny poo wants Shikamaru's Pakkun...

Anyway, the fansubbing panel was nice... though it felt really rushed, since it was only one hour long. It was still good times though. A nice turnout of people for a con so small. :) I wished they had asked more questions, but I think the pace of the panel kind of distracted them from being able to ask. Argh, one hour~ XD

In the dealer's room, bought a massive One Piece flag, a PoT and HnG card deck, and two $2 posters from Spiral and Shaman King, both very nice.. :D

We all attended the "Anime Name That Tune" event (hosts play a tune and people guess what series it's from), where Lawrence got chosen as one of the 8 contestants, but was unfortunately pwned in the first round for being paired against the veteran of the event who was also part of staff... XD; Eh.. lol. But the audience was allowed to answer if neither of the tested pair knew the song. Everyone in our group did really well with that part. ;3 It really sucked that none of the music they played was recent; most of them were at least 5 years old. It really made me think they were behind or something... but oh well. Anyway, the audience got to answer by first show of hand and if the contestants couldn't get it, and with that, I was able to nab Digimon Tamers (My Tomorrow... booyah. XD~), Flame of Recca, Pokemon, Gravitation and Hunter x Hunter. Argh, needed to hear the NEW stuff too! Beh, they hardly played any pieces from jump comics anime, now that I think about it. And in some of the few cases when they did, it was practically to make fun of them (aka. AK-FG's Haruka Kanuta to lure out the Narutard). :( rawr. The audience got prizes for answering after a while, so I won a couple random Gravion sticker decals... lol. o.o; At the end, I also won volume 2 of Yotsuba manga for being one of the members of the audience to get the most answers. XD; Err..

Karaoke wasn't that great of an experience because there was kind of a tight knit of people there who were friendly with the staff kind of overtaking the slots. And they didn't have a printer for people who needed lyrics. But then again, Leanne and I had a lot of trouble finding a song that we could get the lyrics too on the spot... we just came really unprepared ;_;~ Fortunately, Nikolai saved us and let us use his laptop to find lyrics. < 3 < 3 < 3 We were going to do Onmyou Taisenki's "Kimi to Nara" but it was too troublesome finding the lyrics for it, so we just stuck to doing "watashi ga iru yo" from One Piece. There will be other opportunities for OT music, I'm sure~ |3~

In a lot of ways, it was a lot better than Otakon, where everything was just so BIG and CROWDED (the dealer's room in Otakon is great fun though... but then that goes straight to the wallet... and just GOING to Otakon goes straight to the wallet... and to the wallet... and to the wallet.............. I've hit a peak now, so I'm trying to cut off from that a bit...)... and because I know some of the people running it, and they're very cool. It's really nice to have that personal connection going. ^^ Ease-u. Ease-u. Gogo Nikolai! yay local.

I haven't really eaten since noon, but that's okay since I'll just sleep it off... D: Too bad my period started right as I left to go to the con. XD; Supar resting now, oyasu~
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