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[help] Homework help again please... ;_;~ Hopefully the last one for this class

Assignment done :) Thanks to everyone who contributed :D

Waa, for my linguistics class, I need to do another interview thing almost exactly like the one on standardized English. ;_; I got a lot of really nice and interesting answers last time, and thank you so much for that!! ^^ The following will sound like the other time...

For my current assignment in linguistics/anthropology class, I have to "interview" at least 6 people individually about the topic of multilingualism and English use in the United States. Answers can be a sentence, a few or more (more is good? XD), you can respond as informally as you like... The more casual, the better! Basically, if I came up to you on the street and you let me ask you these questions... how would you respond to them? (Please don't base read other responses in this topic before answering as it may affect your own responses. You're free to read them afterwards though~)

If you can help me out, I also need some general information when writing the follow-up paper ^^;;;; I won't use any names in the paper, and these are just for statistics:
  • Age

  • Gender

  • Geographical region where you've spent most of your life recently (state/providence, city)

  • Ethnicity/Race

  • The questions:
    1. Do you think English should be the official language of the United States? Why or why not?

    2. Are you learning any language/s besides English currently? Is so, which language/s? How are you learning the language (high school, college, tutor, independent)? For how long?

    3. How important do you think it is for people to know more than one language? How important do you think it is to know a language other than English in the United States?

    4. Some preschool education institutions accept students based on judgments of their “risk factors” such as having a mental illness, disability, low income, etc. These institutions consider speaking a language other than English at home a risk factor as well, which means to say that speaking a language other than English at home carries the same risk as having a mental illness or disability. Were you aware of this situation beforehand? Whether you have heard of this previously or not, what do you think of it?

    5. If you had no other choice, would you rather have foreign language requirements or English-only education policies in high school/universities? Why?

    If you want to send answers privately, email: guyminal@hotmail.com or you can screen your lj comments. :)

    This assignment is due Nov 18, but I may start writing it a couple days early. ^^;


    And other stuff. :)

    Mm... I had three big buffalo enchiladas, a bowl of cauliflower, southwestern rice and my usual three cups of orange juice today. |3~ Now if only I would stop getting hungry less than 3 hours later after every meal...

    Following up from the previous interview session, I finally managed to finish this... which is great, because I didn't have to wait until Thanksgiving to finish it.~ Becky~~ ...Taito lives? XD

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