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[talk] Youmacon 2005

Ahh... in the midst of last moment scheduling anxieties, it seems I'm going to Youmacon 2005 for Friday. ^^ Although it's a 3-day con, I can't really manage the time to stay there for all three days, and my ride there (rensu~) wouldn't be able to afford it. That's fine. XD TELL ME IF YOU'RE GOING PLEASE @.@

And then Nikolai invited me to be on the fansubbing panel to speak as an editor... I'm shaking! @.@; I don't think I can speak as eloquently as the people at Otakon did... (and now that I really think about it, they were all males..... .......er okay)... but it sounds exciting. I hope it'll be an amazing experience :) がんばります!

But ahh, now I feel like I should do something to prepare for it... Um... Whatever comes will come, I suppose. One week!!!

A little test for the Onmyou Taisenki manga doobie. The evil guy in the pic, Mahoroba, gets his own font to match the original text font. Yee. This is kind of fun. XD
Ah... I hadn't thought about varying fonts until tonight, so I went in a slight frenzy for certain fonts, but cchan saved me a ton of worry. Thank you again~ *huggle*

GOGOGOING. Desperately need to catch up on sleep this weekend and perhaps throughout this week so that I may go all out at the end of the next week........... ah....... starting.... now
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