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[talk] I have pretty much no school spirit. Muahaha.

Mini fangirling session

Onmyou Taisenki 19-23 out... finally. XD People go poke Sangokushi to fix his computer issues and get moving on the rest... and finish up Damekko while he's at it. XD dont_rape_me's bot owner Misha was leeching off my FTP yesterday... it was an honor in a weird way. XD~ So that's another archive for the OT/Damekko/Patalliro eps and other good stuff, although that one gets pretty long queues. kara-kun's Ryuu|Distro bot has lots of leech space~ :) *huggles*

Onmyou Taisenki OST 2 comes out next month <3

Leanne wants to help out with the anime/manga community somehow, so I'm hoping we can scanlate the Onmyou Taisenki manga together. It's so very hot |3~ Err.. main problem for me will be uh...figuring out how to debind the tankouban properly. Not really keen on the microwave method for pages to small and fragile. Need... exacto knife... or something... >_>

Finally got time to listen to a couple of the Loveless Drama CDs tonight... azfhdjkfhdfjkh Kamiya Hiroshi in the 2nd drama < 33333 Kamiya Hiroshi and Fukuyama Jun in the same drama is too much~~~ I have no idea why I'm so addicted to Kamiya Hiroshi's voice... I think it's the subtle throat noises, and his seductive voice... *sits there with heated face* I'm not keen to a lot of throat noises from people in the US, but it's somehow... a lot better in these. .________. And throwing lots of spells... |3~~~

Fukuyama Jun makes me enjoy Yayoi so very much~

And earlier, was listening to a BL drama, G-senjo no neko (Morikawa Toshiyuki, Kamiya Hiroshi, Hiyama Nobuyuki) and I was kind of thinking Yunihiko/Peganosuke the whole time...

Waa, I love RyRo's projects........

Ohohoho, the subtle corruption... |3~

They're showing Loveless as part of the mass screening at the "mini convention" tomorrow at the Anime club (10am-midnight)-- I wonder if I should go. Loveless will be from 10pm-midnight. They'll be showing some other stuff to. Maybe just checking it out for that evening... hmm... *thinkage* To go or not to go! >>;
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