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[talk] Sousei no Aquarion...

Last night, after some celebrations, I finished Sousei no Aquarion because I just didn't have the patience to wait for subs... and wow... wow... wow. XD Haven't felt that much LOVE for a straight couple (outside of the shoujo category) since... er... ever maybe? Not even Erementar Gerad evoked that much happiness for the Apollo x Sylvia love I was feeling... maybe it's because I've been on a lack of fanfic reading lately and I'm grabbing onto the first decent couple in sight.... BUT THE ANIMATION FOR THEM... *________*;;;; *swts and runs*

.... I watched the whole thing thinking that Apollo was 15 or 16 at least.... but just checking now, the website lists that he's.... 13 ._.; I FEEL LIKE SUCH A PEDOPHILE AGAIN~ Sylvia's 14... which I expected. But Apollo... ._.; Wow, dunno about having muscles so developed by that age...

And now I can't stop listening to the OSTs >_>~

A straight pairing outside of the shoujo category I've taken to heart... enough to make some icons for them. Mostly because there's something about Apollo natural mannerisms and Sylvia's high class loving him despite their differences... errr, I can't seem to explain it. IS THERE SOMETHING WRONG WITH ME? @_@;

Making animated gifs takes so long...

Even weirder, there's a lot of yaoi potential in the series itself, yet I'm not clinging to those... mostly because they're the "LOVE ME OR I'LL K33L YOU AND EVERYTHING YOU LIKE" relationships.

Mm, well, it hasn't been completely fansubbed in English yet, so I guess I'll just hold off until then. Anyway, the series itself was definitely one of my favorites 24/26 eppers, despite how mediocre I thought it was around ep 3-11. Maybe I'll go back and scan the aquarion pics in the magazines when I head back home again.
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