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Ahh, a 5-page rough draft for my Love & Death in Japan class due on Friday, my birthday... so until then, I'll be limiting my social outlets (the real-life social outlet goes first, surprise surprise~ gomen for sucking at real life. >_>). I'll likely just do something about the Akashi lady and Genji... Argh, what to write... @.@;

With the Will Forums has been reviving for the past few days, so I'm spamming it up a bit. XD With a new Digimon manga series coming up in V-Jump and some other things (read the forums..), there is still faith left for Digimon to go around <3

Back to uni tomorrow... Going to miss Lina again... ;_; It's really depressing that for a great majority of her life, I won't be around to see her because of university... As soon as I come home, she spends at least 2 hours a day on my lap or on the back of my chair, spends even more time just hanging around my room, then she takes over my chair when I go to sleep o.o; She's my epitome of comfort... <3

And she doesn't make noise unless I make her.. XD~~ XD~~~ XD~~~~ *swt* But seriously, I love that about her.

Another testers yoinked from cchan1224 Pretty accurate for the most part...

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"Desires a tranquil, peaceful state of harmony offe..."

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