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I wonder if it's really weird that it's really hard for me to feel full unless I eat heated food. I could eat 20 granola bars, or a bunch of cold sandwiches, or an entire can of campbell's soup straight out of the can, and I'll still be able to evoke huge growling noises from my stomach. But if I have ...say... one scoop of heated mashed potatoes, I'll be completely satisfied for as long as the potatoes last (maybe an hour).

Yoinkers'd from cchan1224
Dominant Personality: Calm

Good Traits: You prefer to be exclusive,
limiting yourself to only a few good friends
that you've probably known for a long time. You
don't date around either; you settle down with
one guy, and you never get used to heartbreak.

Bad Traits: You're someone who doesn't want
to be bothered with everyone else's problems.
You'd rather kick back and enjoy life at a slow
pace. You tend to fall behind and procrastinate
from being too laid back.

People see you as: Shy, slow to catch on,
and a daydreamer. People think you're in your
own little world and are tenative to approach

You're Most Like: Fear. You distance
yourself from the people who aren't in your
circle. The difference is that you aren't
paranoid about this.

You Need More: Understanding. There are
other people out there worth knowing. It's okay
to broaden your variety.

What's your dominant trait? (10 unique results)
brought to you by Quizilla

Guess that Friend

Game over.
Learn anything?
That's right...
What it is liked to get kicked in the head with an iron boot...no, scratch that...

Well, let me break it down for you:

You have a total of 191 friends
You requested to guess 20 entries.
1 was skipped due to invalid content (surprising?).
You made 19 guesses.
You got 14 correct.
Doing the math for you, that means you got 73% correct

Wow... this is one fun quiz. My personal breakdown:
I got Jdragon's right because I remembered the hd name Amaterasu coming from someone on WtW, then I narrowed it down to J.
I got gogglehead's right because... I somehow connected the big spam of HOCKEY HOCKEY HOCKEY... with sports then Davis then goggles.. O.o;;;;;;
I got Leanne's (petshopmistress) right because it was about moving in with Jackie.. XD
I actually got a general "This is a friends only lj. Comment to be added" entry right from guessing somehow...
I got Colin's (coltt) right because he mentioned chris and he types in all low caps. ._.
I got robinterrae's right because it was about AnimeNEXT.
Missed the one about taking the pledge about bullying. :X
I got Chris's (umleroi) right since it was about housing in Michigan.
I got ledgem's right because I remember seeing that video game entry earlier. xD
I got yzak's right because it was all about the yzak site and gundam seed... XDDD
Missed the one about inland invasion... something
Missed one about a link to some article, and that was all there was to the entry..... heh
I got Katie's because it was... just so obvious XD
I got koani's because it said it was her in the entry. D:
I got ice_iconses' because it was about icons. ._.
Missed one about someone turning 19.
Missed one that referred to another lj. Erk, should've picked the other one I thought could be it~
I got theparsley's because it was about slash-ficcing Atlantis and that "I'm still alive!". Well, no offense but I really assumed that because I haven't heard from you... er... ever? ._.
I got Emma's (froggee501) since it was about a book she read recently and I remember reading about that.~

So many of my RL friends got picked in this. O.o;
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