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Winter Taichi 2005

Ara... I hit the number limit for interests... I didn't know it was 150 ._. So I had to take a few off.

電車男 (Densha Otoko) = <3

Finished watching it Tuesday... haven't cried so much since... One Piece. Except since it's only 11 episodes long (condensement~~), I sobbed at least once per episode... It was amazing. In a weiiiird way. XD

To the interview participants: Man, those interview questions were so BROAD! Sorry about that... most of them I just pulled from the example list the instructors gave us. XD; Eh, it's my leftover class, so I'm not concerned about over-achieving in that class at all. Over-achieve here? eh not possible... O.o; Either way, I really enjoyed seeing all of your replies. Thank you so much! :)

cchan clicked my seiyuu addictions a few notches up, so now I'm rabidly hunting all the radio shows and BL dramas I haven't been catching up with. >_>~ Ah... Fukuyama Jun, Nakai Kazuya, Suzumura Kenichi, Kamiya Hiroshi...~~~~~~~~~~~~~ *nose bleeds until death* Currently listening to Radio ZERO-SUM 71 with Fukuyama Jun spamming his Gankutsuou and Onmyou Taisenki. XD; SO MUCH <33333333333333333333 But uh... it's the only ZERO-SUM radio I have right now. Really, leave a certain arena for a short moment and it all sails right by you! Gotta stay caught up. ^^;

Onmyou Taisenki DVDs are on the way... gao so happy!

So uh... I drew this starting in ling class, then finished it off in Intro to Asian cultures. Eih, I still continue certain trends. Winter pic! O.o; Click the pic for a closeup and maybe you'll see the.. inappropriate stuff on the left, which was for a little exercise in ling class. Pen stuff~~

Lots of subbing stuff to do next week hopefully now that Sango's recovered, and err... yar.
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