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[help] Homework help D:! Please~

Assignment done :) Thanks to everyone who contributed :D

Hehe, this feels really weird, but I have a big favor to ask.. >_>~

For my current assignment in linguistics/anthropology class, I have to "interview" at least 6 people individually about the topic of standardized language (English). Answers can be a sentence, a few or more (more is good? XD), you can respond as informally as you like... The more casual, the better! Basically, if I came up to you on the street and you let me ask you these questions... how would you respond to them?

If you can help me out, I also need some general information when writing the follow-up paper ^^;;;; I won't use any names in the paper, and these are just for statistics:
  • Age

  • Gender

  • Geographical region where you've spent most of your life recently (state/providence, city)

  • Ethnicity/Race

  • The questions:
    1. How would you define Standard English?

    2. What kinds of people do you think are most likely to speak Standard English?

    3. What kinds of people do you think are least likely to speak Standard English?

    4. Have you ever had a teacher or professor who didn't speak Standard English? What was that like?

    5. What role do you think the media (television, radio) plays in enforcing Standard English? What role do you think the media plays in deteriorating Standard English?

    6. Are there times when you don't speak Standard English? Why?

    7. Do you think it is important for standard English (versus "other variations" of English) to always be spoken in public situations? Why?

    If you want to send answers privately, email: guyminal@hotmail.com or you can screen your lj comments. :)

    This assignment's due on Sept 30th.

    In return... I'll.... draw things? ;_____;~~~ Like manga vol. 1 Kogenta and Yakumo? ;___;~~

    Hehe, I'm kind of liking ASIAN 300 Love & Death in Japan right now. ^^;;;;;;;
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