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[talk] FF: Advent Children + Last Order, other stuff

And after watching Final Fantasy: Advent Children, comes Last Order..~ Crazy 4-day previous leakage..~ Yeah, I still prefer 2-d over 3-d, even though the 3-d is that immensely pretty.... hmm. XD

I'm not a big fan of any FF coupling stuff, but I had to make these. XD (took one of them down)

Here's just a little something I started.. and will slowly progress on...... I'm thinking of putting all the other yummy Onmyou Taisenki bois with him. XD sdhfkjdhfkjhfjkhdfjkhdfkjh 17-year olds.

I put my One Piece headband on Chopper's hat. It fits well and it looks ridiculously cute. <3

Going to a relative's wedding this weekend.. will miss my classes Friday for it, but that's okay. It'll be a good break from all the ruckus on campus. With the weather lately, I desperately need it. ^^;; It certainly was not this hot last year... I'm literally drip-sweating just sitting on my desk chair even with the fan constantly blowing on my arms. I've been spending a lot of the time in the nice, air-conditioned computer lab a couple floors above. It's kind of sad, but I think I think I had more to be grateful for at North Campus with the peace... or maybe I'm just thinking that because it's so freaking HOT. I can't wait for the cold weather to settle in. Found out that my roommate really doesn't like... a lot of things. XD Includes really cold weather, cats (but she really likes Yoruichi from BLEACH.... ...), peanut butter, jellybeans, fish (except sushi), most of the cafeteria food, and a lot of other things I don't remember atm.

Can you believe it? I finished all of my assignments for the rest of the week in computer lab this afternoon, including Japanese and linguistic work that's due this Friday. D: But I still have like 300 pages of reading a day, and linguistic class requires me to come up with questions based on each reading. And then I have to submit message board "response papers" for the readings in Love & Death in Japan, though I might actually have an easier time with that one. xD
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