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[talk] Onmyou Taisenki SPLOOOOGE

*insert giant THANK YOU, INTERNET picture*

*edit* Final Fantasy Advent Children was worth the wait. :) Will definitely have to re-watch it in the future to catch all those details. All I'll say about it for now. Toddles~! */edit*

I am. on an. extreme. Onmyou Taisenki. coupling. high. I definitely spent the past few hours hording over 1,000 pics of fanart in bliss ._.;

Added my favorite sites so far on my Links page. They're on the "various" section at the bottom, although I might make a separate category for them later.

Some of the more popular couplings:
Kogenta x Riku
Yakumo x Riku
Masaomi x Riku
Ryuuji x Riku
Souma x Riku
Yakumo x Kogenta
Yakumo x Masaomi
Rangetsu x Yuuma
Yuuma x Mizuki
Masaomi x Hayate
Masaomi x Yuuma
Kibachiyo x Masaomi
Taizan x Masaomi
Onishiba x Taizan (surprisingly a LOT of this)
Toubee x Mozu
Akatsuki x Monju (manga)
And.... lots.... more..... so many possibilities @.@;

Didn't see much of:
Teru (in general XD Poor comedy relief person)
Yuuma x Riku

There were a lot of random sexy things like Anji and Anji x Rangetsu stuff o_o. It really sucks Anji hardly got to do anything in the Anime. :\

Makes me faint happily. |3~

OT 49... t3h happy <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3 OT is unique love as much as GSD is marketing ploy. Meer anyone?!?!?!? O.o;

Okay, time for homework. XD

Extra: I just noticed that the vocalist for Erementar Gerad's Ending song, Kuroda Michihiro, was the vocalist for Iceman. D: I didn't notice it until I finally listened to the c/w song to "Yakusoku," "Break the status quo," which is definitely very reminiscent of his older slick, fast style of singing. *relistens to Yakusoku*... Oh.... I see now... D:
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