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[download] Onmyou Taisenki Colorbars

Eee... I need a Ragnarok Battle Offline partner someday. Or better yet, two.. since it's an up to 3-player game. I am so in love with games where you can team up with your friends. It increases the enjoyment by many folds... So much happiness! *____*~

While I was finishing up my packing, Kiyo and I were blabbing online, and he brought up the idea of making Onmyou Taisenki colorbars, so I flipped on OT-obsession for a moment and we fanned about it. He made a nice Kogenta one. Waiii!

I'd been filling up my fanlistings stuff and junk like that, so I figure making these would be fun too. They're much more satisfying as a complete collection though, so I think I'll be doing many of the other characters too... Yuuma, Souma, Mizuki, Teru, Nazuna, I'm staring at you too! Oh yes, and pairing-featured ones... ;3 After watching the eps over so many times, I pretty much have a visual of what pics each character would have..aie. But hey, it's like buying pins or something without having to dish out cash. All of the animation crack in the series just yearns for them! @.@~ And multiple of the same kind are still awesome!

So... um... My first colorbars ever. I'll be sticking to 6 colors while Kiyo's on 7, I suppose. XD

*edit* 8/7/06 Riku colorbar added!

Yakumo is love.

Masaomi is love.

Riku is love.

Riku is love uke.

Kogenta x Riku is love.

Nazuna/Horin is love.

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