July 21st, 2021

Digimon Savers - Masaru Thinks About Men

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  • Tue, 20:07: RT @katura69: ✨お知らせ✨ ファイアーエムブレム ヒーローズ 【英雄たちの日常】第188話を描かせていただきました。デューテやリュートたちが登場します、よろしくお願いします! https://t.co/hWXVv7yHqT #FEヒーローズ #FEHeroes
  • Tue, 20:08: I'm a fool and haven't had disc 8+ of Fire Emblem Fates/if OST on my computer for ages for some reason (just the first 7), time to binge 100x to make up because disc 8 has so many jammies including hosoyan's grey waves all day
  • Tue, 20:27: RT @nocatplaces: https://t.co/dUUjC7XXJl
  • Tue, 20:47: Day 2 will go up on Pixiv in a few days and Day 3 is coming along smoothly... 🌈 https://t.co/FuFyAIFDtr
  • Wed, 00:13: RT @nij_24: ファイアーエムブレム ヒーローズ 烈火の剣、神装英雄「気高き傭兵 レイヴァン」を描かせて頂きました!宜しくお願いします。I drew“ Raven :Peerless Fighter ”.Thank you so much! #FEH #FEHeroes
  • Wed, 09:58: Before anyone asks, I'm not going to play Pokemon Unite since it still falls under the "not picking up any new gachas" rule I set for myself rofl. Also I'm not into MOBAs. Hands are more than full with what I'm playing already and I'm glad they're all running strong XD