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[talk] My room before heading back to the dorms.

Aw, I didn't expect to get votes that quickly... :) Thanks everyone. I'll keep all of the results in my mind in the future. If you haven't voted yet, I'm still waiting. :D

Okay, this time these shots ARE of my room. Looks like a lot of people were confused that Katie/Becky's room was mine last time.. O.o; I mostly took these shots because I'm planning to cut my hair before I head back to umich, and I'm going to miss it... and I'll miss Lina too... and probably my room... D: Eh I'll miss a lot of things. So I took pictures!~

Eh! I so want to put up the new One Piece stuff, but I'm saving it for my dorm room this semester. I'm still conserving space on the walls for more posters because it's a pain to take them down and put them back up, etc.

All the post-Otakon hype is really making me excited to cosplay Luffy/Zoro with Serg next year. :) Even more, just excited that it'll be Serg. Serg!~ < 3 < 3 < 3

and hoping this doesn't stretch your screen like a certain other person's does. D:

So here's the gallery, friends only~

ORANGE RANGE's KI-ZU-NA is beautiful...~ A lot of ORANGE RANGE's slow songs have a place in my heart. This one uses lot of traditional instruments. Even though I didn't grow up in a Japanese area like the one depicted in the music video, I can really feel the atmosphere from it from this song and the music video. It just brings a peaceful smile to my face.
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