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[talk] Onmyou Taisenki 46, Otakon 2005

This ep was just littered with delicious angst XD; Rawrrrrr!

D: *reaches out to Yakumo*D: *reaches out to Teru*

D: *reaches out to Masaomi*;_;!!!!!!

And the sakura petals...

Don't know what to sayAbout the beauty of these two

From ep 47 preview:



Angst...~More angst

And then to Otakon!
Okay, this is it. Here we go!
Happy happy.......

August 19
Not much to say here... we spent a ton of time waiting at the dealer's room. My friend Paul was literally the first person inside because he ran. D: Altogether, we (Becky and I) were the first fangirls to raid the doujinshi pile. All the people who went in because of their staff connections don't count, especially compared to the 3 hours we waited there like civilized people. >:E


I didn't even have time to check out most of the stuff I bought. D: The days go by way too quickly.

August 20
ONE PIECE!!!!!!!

Finally got my Naruto One Piece headband! (no offense to Naruto-- it was based off the Naruto headbands). It has the pirate flag instead of a village mark on it~~~~ I wore it for the rest of the day with pride < 3

Well... hmm... We did Karaoke for most of the day, then at 9pm, went to the fansub panel. It pwned. I stared at Jedi (encoder for One Piece, Yakitate!! Japan, one of our AMG eps, amongst several others) and the Live-Evil Translator Tofusensei (mainly because he kind of looked like Michael from QAF... D:~ That's a compliment! ^^) and my attention span was D:~~~~~ the entire time. Tchao recorded some of it. And to my surprised, asked the most questions out of everyone in the panel. I was also surprised at how SMOOTH the panel went... questions were good, answers were solid, and there was good humor for just about all of them (VULTURE!Shinsen! Mean!BRsubbers! EXPLODING!Karaoke! Animejunkies!Nuffsaid). Panel finished at 11pm.

"Subtitles are meant for you to read, not to have sex with your eyes." ~Getfresh, typesetter for A-E

Afterwards, I couldn't get a hold of anyone through phone, so Tchao and I went to Roboblue's room for a One Piece fan gathering. It was awesome timing too... since they started playing movie 6 at midnight. Tchao had to leave while the movie was showing, but that's okay since he hasn't seen One Piece anyway... ^^;~ In the meanwhile, I got to see the guys play OP games on PS2 with reallllllly self-pleasing Luffy/Zoro action. D: When Luffy was low on health, Zoro stepped in just in time-- Luffy saved Zoro whenever he fell in the water. The whole room felt like a gamer haven place for a while, heheh. I met Robo's friend egx, who was surprisingly sociable. He was pretty impressive on the PS2 games... though... of course, I only got to see a few minutes XD; He also showed me the Shounen Jump Superstars game on Nintendo DS. I hadn't even seen someone play on the DS yet. Wow @.@~

The movie 6 was raw, copied from the original region 2 dvd. Most of them didn't know any Japanese. I really wanted to tell the viewers for movie 6 what was going on during it (especially during the plotmoving scenes since most of the humor scenes were pretty darn self-explanatory.. |3~), but I didn't feel like I had the authority/confidence to do so... so I didn't. There was a raffle for the DVD copy after the movie, which one of the few girls in the room won.

The topless guy Chopper with the syringe was there... he was very adorable. He played Chopper on the PS2 game and we fan...personed about Chopper, etc. :)

August 21
ONE PIECE PHOTOSHOOT AT 11!!!!! fgkhjghjghjghgjgjhgjgjgjjh joygasmmmmmm. Well, the turnout wasn't nearly as large as it was last year, but it was still fun. :) My photoshoot gallery: http://images.cosplay.com/gallery.php?cat=22884&member=36200

Total list of things bought:
-1x One Piece Piece clear folder
-2x One Piece pencilboards
-2x set of One Piece cellphone poofies XD; (Luffy and a Luffy pirates, then Zoro and Nami)
-1x Black One Piece wristband
-1x Black Naruto One Piece headband (It's basically the Naruto one with the Straw Hat Pirates logo!!! m000ot)
-6x Zoro/Luffy doujin (all from the same circle)
-3x Taito doujin
-1x Ragnarok Battle Offline Expansion pack vol. 1
-1x Ragnarok Battle Offline soundtrack (2 cds)
-9x chibi happy pins from the artist's alley (4 One Piece, 2 PoT, 2 Naruto and Ein from Cowboy Bebop. Thanks to Paul for showing us... he brought a TON of business to that artist)
-6x little pins from another artist in artist's alley.~ (3 One Piece, 2 Naruto and a Poring face)

Last year, I got mostly FMA, Naruto, HnG and GSEED stuff. This year, I didn't get any even though there was a lot of tempting HnG stuff. XD WAYA!!!! I'm already extremely happy with everything I got though. *love*

I'm a bit surprised about myself that I didn't get ANYTHING BLEACH even though I don't have any BLEACH things at home either. All of the BLEACH stuff at the con were from art I've already seen before, so I didn't really feel like getting them. I'll hope for a calendar or something later though. I'm not in a big rush. Paul seemed really happy with his $25 Bleach pin set, but I think I can use my $25 for a calendar instead. The ART~! :)

Lots of mixed people opinions about the One Piece headband... the majority who talked to me about it thought it was awesome and asked me where I got it (the artist's alley), and then there were a couple One Piece fans who said that there was something just wrong about the headband-ness. XD; Naruto haters in t3h prowl. If there had been a nice shirt with One Piece-ness, I probably would have gotten that instead... but the only thing I saw was a custom-drawn Luffy shirt for $40... I probably could have drawn something better with a little effort. ;) Stayed in my cosplay for most of the time though. Just wore my Renamon costume, a bit of the Seigaku uniform, then the yaoi fangirl tanktop.

Speaking of shirts... Paul, who cosplayed Ichigo for the first half of Otakon, had a yaoi catboy shirt for the second half. It was white and had little pics of catboys drawn by Leanne, Katie and me. :) Leanne's was the cute one, mine was the "sexy" one, and Katie's was the... naked one XD Paul said that he got as many people asking for a pic of him in the catboy shirt as he did when he cosplayed Ichigo. I'll get a scan of it... I must! XD

So hmm... I have lots of stuff I could share. ;3 Mostly scans of stuff/doujin, photos, the Ragnarok Battle offline stuff... not sure where to start tho ^^~ I do have to say that one of the Taito doujins I got is so intriguing and nicely done that I want to see it scanslated some day... D:~ AND IT'S 100 PAGES LONG!!!!!!!! No doubt the best Taito doujin I have... and possibly the best I've ever seen in general. Tons of great angst and a happy ending. ^^;

Paul and I, combined, took ~600 pictures at Otakon. While most of the shots I took are on cosplay.com, my random favorites are posted on http://pics.livejournal.com/splash/gallery/0000kw4c . I will likely be adding more as I find them. :)

More series-related Otakon stuff at http://www.livejournal.com/community/ryuu_rogue

I'll probably make another entry once tchao readies some stuff. He brought a video camera to Otakon :) *nudge our Butter-Fly karaoke~~~~*
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