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[talk] Onmyou Taisenki 45

Eh, whoa.. Usually I don't cover two episodes in a row, but it's getting way too much fun for me to leave alone. @.@;


Ehhh... this episode has so many weirdly wronggggg but fun things... It flies from fluffy to angsty to ecchi and back to fluffy to angsty... then SHOCK.. XD;

But yeah.. for the past couple episodes, a LOT of things have been happening at the same time, and each episode covers a bit of each side. The previous episode, there was Riku/Kogenta, the "normal" people (Momo, Rina, Ryuuji, Yumi-sensei... btw, a freaky green demon cat's with them now XD), Yuuma (he's lost his "way" again, poor dude), Yakumo/Souma/Nazuna, Teru/the Earth Style, and Masaomi/the rest of his posse. Some mixing after this one...

Kogenta and Riku rest after a battle~ Riku angsts about accidentally forcing 大降神 (Grand Summon) onto Kogenta after saying that he wouldn't use it anymore. Kogenta then says that there's another side to Riku, and thanks to that Riku, they've gotten out of some tough situations. Riku says that what he did when he was like that wasn't true strength. Kogenta smiles it off and says that he likes him either way (huhuhuhu). Queue cute blush < 3

Kogenta |3~Ah... to me, that pwns Shinn on the angst meter XD


Motto geppu

The tentacle thing in the previous episode kinda looks like a giant RO hydra with yucky eyes. XD It's some demon thing Masaomi's older sister used to kidnap Nazuna and Horin. More exaggerated tentacle fanservice in this ep, but I'll try to keep this one a little safer XD. Anyway, Souma busts out his Asuka family traits and does the firey thing Yuuma usually does... for the sake of rescuing Nazuna... and for the first time, I can really see how similar the two are visually. Lots of random 10-year-old love in the air from two people who madly tease each other one moment then give each other gushy yearning looks the next ;). And poor Teru finds out with one glance that his love is truly unrequited. Then the guy behind him tells him that he knows how he feels. XD I won't go into detail with that part. Hehe pedo *runs away*

Nazuna with her hair downFAIYAA!

FLAPPY SHIRT RETURNSNeener neener neener

I GO PWN YOU NOWJust wanna give him a hug. :(

This part had me spazzing in my seat rather violently with Lina sitting on the back. Err, let me do a little backtrack story... spoilspoilspoil. Masaomi revives a powerful guy named Utsuho in hopes that Utsuho will revive his older sister (bah, long story with that too... save it until when I actually reach those eps >>~). For a while, it seems he got his wish, but eventually Masaomi figures out that there's something wrong with the thing that resembles his older sister...
Meanwhile, the being who's supposedly Masaomi's older sister goes out and tries to finish Yakumo. Yakumo realizes something from the way she speaks. He slowly freaks out... then goes out and tackles her ._.; Woman freaks out as well. Masaomi arrives at that moment, then the woman does the... evil grin thing..... and embraces Yakumo, who's just lying there with his arms around her. Masaomi goes "aneue... D:" ... and the episode ends there!! CONFUSION FUCKed! YAKUMO, WHAT ARE YOU DOING, MAN?! XD


Whoaz contact.

WHAT IS GOING ONAnd all I can do is sit on my chair and say Heeei?

The title for the next ep is "Farewell, Yakumo" so um... .............. >_>~ ......................

Five things I can't live without:

1. Computer w/Internet
2. Anime and whatever's related to it
3. Food
4. Happiness
5. My health? Er. <- Lol I'm stealing this one cchan :O

Five Food/Beverages that you Love:

1. Salmon sashimi
2. Meat ravioli
3. Chocolate
4. Orange juice
5. A large assortment of mango products

Five things I always have with me:

1. What do you mean "with me?" I have... skin
2. and internal organs
3. some external organs
4. lots of hair?
5. bones? I'm confused

Five things I will always and forever hate:

1. Trolls (most kinds...)
2. Mosquitos
3. Human babies
4. Driving when other people are on the road (real life of course)
5. Injustice ._.

One scan from Animage August 2005... it had too much art, so I only did this because I'm unfortunately putting up the other side of it (Kyou Kara Maou) for it~ XD: http://celadondigimon.homestead.com/files/Animage2005AugustTrinity.jpg

But gah!!! Wish I could put that one up too. But nooooo, of the 5 double-sided pinups, the only ones with stuff I'm really interested in happen to be on the same one. :(
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