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z0mg! Barely more than a week left until Otakon! I really can't wait, it's the thing I've been looking forward to the most all year (besides coming home to spend time with the cats and all~)... Only thing is that the guest list sucks this year. I guess hoping for one of my favorite artists to visit was too much since they're not known in the US market. Bleh. But to make up for that, I can't wait to go to the fansub panel and see what chaos will happen. :)

Damekko Doubutsu fanart~

--of the twins ;)

Yesh, I've been addicted to the things I work in for fansubbing (except for MAR, although I still like the series in general, so it's not too bad).. it's kind of amusing and wonderful at the same time. ^o^ I'll be keeping that beautiful One Piece desktop for a long, long time methinks. It's kind of sad that even compressed with my usual jpeg compression, it's a megabyte large. XD Most of my desktops are 400kb or so. The wonders of One Piece < 3

I need my Anime stuff back before I head to Otakon, especially the stuff Paul's borrowing... but apparently he went on an all-week camping trip before answering me, so I'll just have to roll my eyes and lose some time off my lifespan while I wait~.

Finally got a chance to watch The Cat Returns yesterday. Leanne had it on DVD ever since last year and she had planned for us to watch it sometime (she has a Ghibli studio DVD boxset), but that never happened. Such a shame it's only 1 hour and 15 minutes long... it was so cat-lover heaven |3~ I love how everyone in Ghibli films have such nice voices even though they're not famous seiyuu. Definitely worth it.

Finished Riviera in about two days. Been lacking things to do fansubbing-wise because I'm waiting for other people (although I've established that I will NOT make any more commitments until after Onmyou Taisenki if I do... already have a few pending in the future, including an OVA thing for RyRo and possibly more AMG--those would be the only things I'd "commit to"), so I had the time for that. Now back to more relevant stuff~ learning Kanji through doujinshi is fun. >_>~

So yeah, it's reaching 5 am here... sleep I go~ After some benkyou XD

TV series only >>~

Keeping up avidly (Get raws and/or watch subs ASAP):
-Erementar Gerad
-Eyeshield 21
-Gundam SEED Destiny
-One Piece
-Onmyou Taisenki
-Patalliro Saiyuki
-The Law of Ueki
-Yakitate!! Japan
-Zettai Shonen (normally, this wouldn't keep my interest... but it's easy to watch during lazy times since it's so simple)

Keeping up:
-Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid
-Gun x Sword
-Honey & Clover (Generally I wait for a few eps or until I'm in a heterosexual mood. ¬.¬)
-Kappa no Kaikata
-Kidou Shinsengumi Moeyo Ken TV
-Konjiki no Gash Bell!
-Kyou Kara Maou (Filler madness! .....)
-Sousei no Aquarion
-Speed Grapher
-Tales of Phantasia (I can't stand the lack of de-interlacing in Aoi's 3... so I haven't watched it ^^~)
-Trinity Blood

Keeping up to a lesser extent (as in I'm more than 5 episodes behind the raws/subs):
-Eureka seveN
-Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu (Well, I watched the first two eps so far... lol. I'm watching it for Kamiya Hiroshi.)
-Naruto (Fucking load of dumb fillers yeay. ¬.¬ At least OP fillers are entertaining.)
-Tsubasa Chronicle (I'm not the only person who gave up at around ep 8.)

Sampled and dropped completely:
-Amaenaideyo - Heh, harem.
-Shuffle! - I like the op, but it's just more harem weirdness.
-Suzuka - Whoaz three harem shows in a row. And all from the same season!

If I ever watch a harem show, it's likely for a certain voice actor stalking.

Watched all the raws, but is still getting subbed:
-Damekko Doubutsu
-Gakuen Alice
-Meine Liebe

Need to get and/or needs to get subbed!
-Beyblade G Revolution
-Last couple eps of Cromartie
-Gallery Fake
-Kodocha (US DVDs finally coming... Wonder how they'll handle all of the cultural references. hmmm~)

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