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[talk] Onmyou Taisenki 44, One Piece movie 6

Damekko 14-16: http://ryuu-rogue.edwardk.info/

Onmyou Taisenki 44: Joyride of animation crack as usual :)

Reliable RyuujiYakumo's side profile! Now let's stare at it.... ._.

Two boys roaringUm. I don't know.

XDRiku *shock*

Chibi Riku of youth! |3~Time passes...

hehe...Holy crap, anger...

w00t!! Useless alt text!

Nazuna from ep 45 preview... Meyrin déjà vu... the 10-year-old version!:
Shock!More shock!

These last two are a little............. tmi. I thought Juri and the D-Reaper (Digimon Tamers) had it pretty dirty for a monster show until this. Well... I think I should've seen something like this coming after what happened to Mizuki several eps back. XD
Why does they have to be pink? Why do they have to blush so excessively? XDAnd even worse... why do they have to be slimy?! XDDDD

*goes to chastise the animators XD;;;; oh my*

Looks like a shot straight out of a doujin @_@ hurr...
One Piece movie 6

Also watched One Piece movie 6 DVD version today (Chinese subs). Guess it's like the Digimon movie 1, 2 since it was animated by the same folks-- style, mood, and feedback from the fans... love or hate kind of thing. Since I'm used to the Digimon movie animation style, and it's ONE PIECE, I leaned towards the love side even from the start... XD~ I know that dythim hated it immensely (not just because of the animation, he said), no idea what that'll do to the possibility of a sub tho. There are screens of it around OP communities and such, so I spared most of the screenies for now :) But it was worth watching, especially since I've been dead-craving One Piece stuff I haven't seen before lately. It had some pretty damn disturbing parts, but... wow. And it was almost 2 hours long, definitely longer than any other Toei movie I've seen... yeah One Piece fix. |3

A few things I got a kick out of particularly were... The girl's lame "kyaaa!" acting, w00t Usopp, w00t Chopper, Zoro's afro (rofflecopters) as the aftermath from an explosion, and... oh yes... lots of subtle Luffy angst. Especially after "losing" Zoro as the last straw. STRAW! MUGIWARA! (^o^)/ *gets shot*

Yes, Zoro and Sanji looked mighty fine too with more nicely fit, casual clothes fanservice than I could handle... >_>~ But I've been especially attached to Luffy these days for some reason. Erf. Like Riku... pwning uke love. :)

Few more shots in the lj cut!



Got afro? O.o
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