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[download] EH ONMYOU TAISENKI AND ONE PIECE. GO O's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LOL, the icon I made a short while ago, jpwong animated the boxy part that I wanted!!! XDDDD This version's over the lj limit (40kb), but he also made one that fits that I'm using ^.^~

Proof of POOFLE

His hair! Goes! Poofle! Poofle!

Also made some simple Zoro/Luffy icons from doujin scans. Wow... yay One Piece avatars. :) Onmyou Taisenki has TONS of yummy icon candy too (the ART the ART~~~)... I will have to work on that sometime... although I get very nervous about making new designs. ^^;

Ack... need more ZoLu doujins. And Onmyou. XD~
Tags: series - onmyou taisenki
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