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[talk] Onmyou Taisenki 42... random Masaomi high XD~

In addition to Yakumo's excessive hotness, Riku's excessive yummy ukeness, and Kogenta's excessive animalistic beauty, there's Masaomi...

Onmyou Taisenki DVD 4 cover

Sometimes I think he's just plain FREAKY, but somehow... he has his charm... Also freaky, I drew this little pic of Masaomi before finding out that this ep 42 was going to be about him. And now the new DVD cover @.@~ When it rains, it pours? Speaking of that, I can't believe it took me this long to figure out the connection between the name scarywater and "BitTorrent." ._.

The GREEN really brings out the feeling, ne. @.@~ and... WOW skin. O.o;;;;!!!

Evil, evil....happy angst.

It's his back... Oh..... Em gee!!!!...... BUTT CHEEKS! O.o;

Masaomi is happy angst Evil, evil....happy angst.

Some motions~ Some more motions~

It's sad how much I react to the slightly bit of shirt peeking D':

Seiryuu-ness! Kibachiyo's new appearance

Also watched the Prince of Tennis movie today... lol, just one moment that made the whole thing so much more worthwhile... XD


I can't wait to get my Seigaku uniform from Tchao ^^;

Oh... had a little fun making new avatars, aside from some One Piece ones I swiped from other places.~ Some of them are temporary, so they may be replaced shortly. I'm still too lazy/sucky to make a layout for this lj. I've had this layout for years... but it doesn't kill me eyes after a long while, so it's good? yay? ^^;;;;
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