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[download] Animedia 2005 August~

Onmyou Taisenki 07 :) I QCed 4 episodes and edited 4 scripts (3 of them were Damekko so that was about half an episode) today... LOL. http://www.point-blank.cc:7000/torrents/[RyRo]_Onmyou_Taisenki_-_07_[A8D567AF].avi.torrent?info_hash=63f5e252d5b85580760f083a1dda71d8f9e2a8bd

>__________> Big storm wiped out electricity in the house for half a day and then my internet for a much longer time. Right in the middle of big progress in Ryuu-Rogue. Luckily, I have plenty to do offline... XD;;;; Translated more Onmyou, organized my stuff a bit, drew some pics, molested Lina, scanned stuff, the works.

Animedia 2005 August scans! Hehe... Animedia has like 3x times sexier pictures than Animage even if Animage does the newer stuff earlier (and most of that newer stuff are the more hyped ones as well...). >>~

links are likely to be dead now. Too late. :X

Ah My Goddess: http://celadondigimon.homestead.com/files/Animedia2005AugustAMG01.jpg
Black Cat (There was another sexy preview in Animage, but I didn't feel like scanning it since scanning stuff from Animage is a pain >>): http://celadondigimon.homestead.com/files/Animedia2005AugustBlackCat.jpg
Erementar Gerad pull-out (should I hang it in my room? XDDD Coud kind of looks like *gasp* Cloud?): http://celadondigimon.homestead.com/files/Animedia2005AugustGerad01.jpg
Erementar Gerad (Mmm..~ Palm tree pool~): http://celadondigimon.homestead.com/files/Animedia2005AugustGerad02.jpg
FMA movie (I think this may be my favorite shot of Ed... t3h angst... D:): http://celadondigimon.homestead.com/files/Animedia2005AugustFMA01.jpg
Uber sexy GSD picture that looks like one of the previous GS pics ;D (now it has our two bois in fanservice mode!): http://celadondigimon.homestead.com/files/Animedia2005AugustGSD01.jpg
Naruto Nippon: http://celadondigimon.homestead.com/files/Animedia2005AugustNarutoNippon.jpg
Full Metal Panic!: The Second Raid (from that section that has to be cut open because it shows too much bare skin.. O_o): http://celadondigimon.homestead.com/files/Animedia2005AugustFMP.jpg
2nd Konjiki no Gash Bell!! Movie~: http://celadondigimon.homestead.com/files/Animedia2005AugustGashBell.jpg
The Law of Ueki (If you look back a bit, a couple of the characters in Haidon's 10 looks like Chopper and that bull-head-mask guy in One Piece): http://celadondigimon.homestead.com/files/Animedia2005AugustUeki01.jpg
The Law of Ueki DVD ad: http://celadondigimon.homestead.com/files/Animedia2005AugustUeki02.jpg
Tsubasa Chronicle movie (looks 1,000,000x better than the TV series... and I hope it is. >_>~ Looks like the Trinity Blood artstyle. Animage had a good movie pic too.): http://celadondigimon.homestead.com/files/Animedia2005AugustTsubasa.jpg
A couple pics from Sugar Sugar Rune, a series that no one has declared to sub yet, despite extremely pointless oversubbing on FMP:TSR, Shuffle!, Ichigo Mashimaro and other such stuff... Well, lol. The art style kind of scares me. ._. http://celadondigimon.homestead.com/files/Animedia2005AugustSugarRune.jpg

Other 2-pagers stuff I didn't scan:
FMA game
Mahou Sensei Negima
Kyou Kara Maou (too many muscles O.o;;;;)
Mai-HiME 2
XXX holic
Tsubasa Chronicle (err... Sakura in the maid outfit again)

On a random note.... there was this yaoirific Sousei no Aquarion pic I forgot to scan from Animage 2005 July.. XD;;; oh well. It just kind of makes me giggle.

Serg sent me deva's pRO screens... wow, the memories.......... @_@~~~ I should organize my screens sometime ^^;
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