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[talk] Riku........................ D:

kakiru molests me all the time now because I molested him once... man :( lol I drew it at 5 am yesterday. D:

Yuuma's on there too, but... uh, yeah. Commentsu!

I think matt's using this one in the next Onmyou ep... at least I hope so. I really dunno if any of these pics will be good for an encode. Will finish up another one tomorrow hopefully. xD

Here's the Kogenta I did a couple days ago with quicker shading.

*composes*Bring out the pedo in me... bring out the pedo in me... 12-year olds...~ But Onmyou has guys and girls for all youngins... 10, 12, 15... Masaomi's 17, the old fogie. xD I still can't decide on a favorite, though.. maybe that's a good thing? Anybody else have one? XD

The LOVELESS pullout was the only one I somewhat cleaned, but it still has some spots. XD; Hope you like still. :)

AMG DVD advertisement - http://celadondigimon.homestead.com/files/AnimageJulyAMG.jpg
Gundam SEED Destiny Athrun - http://celadondigimon.homestead.com/files/AnimageJulyGSD01.jpg
GSD ad... for something... - http://celadondigimon.homestead.com/files/AnimageJulyGSD02.jpg
GSD pullout - http://celadondigimon.homestead.com/files/AnimageJulyGSD03.jpg
LOVELESS pullout - http://celadondigimon.homestead.com/files/AnimageJulyLOVELESS.jpg
Trinity Blood pullout - http://celadondigimon.homestead.com/files/AnimageJulyTrinityBlood.jpg
Tags: series - onmyou taisenki
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