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[talk] Nyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Icon spam. ;D!!!!!!! Yakumo from Onmyou Taisenki is t3h hot <3 JOIiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnuuuu!

Got my plane tickets for Otakon/visiting Katie/Becky today. :) Really sucks I wasn't able to stay as long as we had initially planned, but I still can't wait to go!!! Ahhhhh, we'll have so much to doooooooo!!! @.@

Released RyRo/Saizen's Naruto movie yesterday despite how I personally thought it'd go. I personally didn't care if we didn't get many downloads, and I knew people would be like "db subbed this already, I don't need another one." But... it's Naruto... a lot of people downloaded it... Also, it seems quite a few people were impressed with it... even I was when I finally got to see the final product. It started as an IRC release (since scarywater and point-blank were down for a long time), so a lot of people got them from xdcc bots. And Swe|Energie on the Rizon i2 leech chan xdcc serves it, and he only archives significant releases, so that made me happy. On that note, Bonker's A|Distro has been getting our RyRo releases (and quite a few leeches from there~ nice), so that makes me extremely happy too. :)

Bah, I still cannot say that it was worth taking the time to sub, however. It was a favor to Saizen in the first place since their founder hangs around in our staff. XD Naruto... never, ever again.

Summer season is in the works... I'm just going to watch this one since I'm concentrating on Onmyou now. :)

Only project that's troublesome for me right now is MAR because I have to deal with... very un-entertaining people. Somehow, I feel reallllly cheated by having to teach someone (whose English sucks... and he's troublesome to communicate with as well) HOW TO EDIT. Well, it better have its rewards, even indirect ones. Time and knowledge has value too, yar. Shock, isn't it. :P I even had the thought today of hoping MAR was only 26 eps so that the project would end sooner, and now I feel guilty for being so negative about a series I like. grar. >_>~ I really doubt it'll be that short. It's also the only project I'm working in for AnY atm now that AMG has ended (I wouldn't mind another season of that~).

Lina stalks me. :)
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