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[talk] Ryuu-Rogue Onmyou Taisenki~ @_@

Onmyou Taisenki 06. Direct DL for community members. XD

Finished my summer art/design classes today... they went a lot faster than I expected, thank goodness. And easy 4.0's, too... especially compared to umich. I suppose that contributes to why I feel so dumb at umich... it's so much easier here. *cries at 3.0* Actually somewhat looking forward to spending more summer classes here now. Mostly because of the splash printer oooooohhohuhouhhhuuu >_>

Mweee, I really abused the splash printer today... and I figured out how to get the larger dimensions. :) Now I just need to figure out how to bring them to Pennsylvania... :O *edit* Wow... I thought it was Wednesday all day until dinner when my parents reminded me... haha. ._.

Wee, it's fun hearing splash in so many different contexts. Yesterday, Sango was going about our splash images for RyRo's Onmyou Taisenki :D I'm going to draw a few for sure. And we're definitely up for other contributions! :) *hintnudge* If you're wondering, the splash image is just the picture that displays just before an episode; later episodes of Lunar's BLEACH is a very prime example. AnimeForever's Samurai Champloo also uses quite a few in coordination with their TL/Editor notes.

Sango's pushing to get eps 7-11 ready for his typesetting and QC encode by this weekend... he likes getting busy with that stuff~ XD I brought my laptop to KVCC today and finished TLing ep 12 there. @_@;;;;; gaaaa... tough. I have at least six windows open at all times, all concerning the TL process. TL txt, the video, signs document, signs translations, editing reminders, and an info archive on onmyou in general... Great stuff :)

Eep, I made my first (possibly only?) lj community = http://www.livejournal.com/community/ryuu_rogue/
Please join if you like Ryuu-Rogue and want some surprises *coughDirectDownloadComingcough*! ;) Hehe, I figured it would be more interactive and fun than creating a website, and there really aren't fansub groups that use lj (*looks under interest search results for fansub and fansubbing...* lol, uke-fansubs is still up o_O), so this is a little different.~ Yes, it does say Australia for location... because Sangokushi and Banyai both live in Australia. XD

sangofe asked me if I wanted to QC Saizen's Eyeshield 21... I'm thinking maybe only RC checks if anything, since I'm not up to picking new long projects for a bit. ^^;

Glarg, I just ate a whole tuperware doobie of leftover Chinese food less than 3 hours ago, and now I'm just as hungry again.

One Piece and Onmyou Taisenki highs... The time of O's!
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