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[talk] Onmyou Taisenki 39

Some Beyblade G Revolution Opening music good spam XD~ Motoko Kumai - Go Ahead ~Bokura no Jidai e~ http://celadondigimon.homestead.com/files/Beyblade_-_Go_Ahead.mp3 (down)

A Takuya/Kouji pic: http://www.deviantart.com/view/20107677/

Lol, didn't end up making more screens for 38, but 39 just tore at my heart for them.... asdfjhdkjhfkdhfkjdhjdkjf!! In reflection to Digimon, it's usually around these eps when the two leading roles get... "upgrade" XD And fuck is this one sexy.

Kyaaaaaaaaa Onmyou art and animation is soooo sooooo pretty ^_^

The bangs *_*~  Looks closest to the manga style that I've seen so far mmm movement~

I only have raws with horrible de-interlacing, so please forgive some of the shots :X
Now presenting... Bellybutton service! <3 XD

grr bellybutton service again~ ish

Anger management *stares at the kanji* Don't make us TS that please :D

These sequences always have lots of angles~ Riku~

Kanji in your face Frog eggs

oh.. oops I guess it wasn't The new look gives birth

The animation here is godly, but I can't reveal enough of it in mere screencaps Looks kind of cute here :)

Shiny chest Looking slick


Byakko-ness~ Hell ya

The bangs *_*~  Looks closest to the manga style that I've seen so far When all is said and done... hoi hoi

Rangetsu gets a new sequence too, but it's shorter XD  Wow, he looks creepier haha~ :D Taichi-lookalike Yakumo back in this episode :)

mm cape~ mmm movement~

I wonder why he always does that thing with the arm anyway Just bishounen.

Looking a little disgruntled....?!?R@$!?!?!?1666

I'm so doing some Onmyou Taisenki fanart after I finish this Takuya/Kouji pic and my other stuff for art/design class :) Only two classes left!
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