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[talk] Onmyou Taisenki OST

Very quick BT spam before I go to sleep: Onmyou Taisenki OST (probably lacks peers/seeds because it's an old torrent. Direct DL available for RyRo community members :O)

It's so sexy and beautiful, even though I've heard the tracks like a hundred times already from tling/editing/qcing eps, I can't stop re-playing them <3~ Best of thanks to jpwong and RyRo's Kanji TL, and of course the support of all the cool staff in RyRo. :) *huggles them* Starting from ep 6, we will be using DVD source and an encoder experienced with DVDs (and enjoys Onmyou too, of course~), so expect a quality upgrade. :D Can't wait to see everyone's hard work!
Tags: series - onmyou taisenki
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