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Yeah... so Animedia comes with about 20 pages of fanart gags in every issue.

These couple pages featured lots of fun crossover-ness.

links are likely to be dead now. Too late. :X


Kouji :O~~~~ Unfortunately, I think this is one of the only issues where I've found any art involving Digimon. And every issue so far has never failed to have Kaoru/Luna love pics from Uninhabited Planet SURVIVE ._.;

And of course, not afraid to get all s-ai happy ;D

Random FMA Christmas card: http://celadondigimon.homestead.com/files/Animedia2004DecFMA.jpg
a GSD Clear File with Rey and Gilbert (GILLY): http://celadondigimon.homestead.com/files/ClearFileGillyRey.jpg
Although the Gankutsuou one is much prettier XD~

Final project in design class is a newsletter on a subject of our choice... so of course, I'm doing Anime ._.; I could do pets or music, but I'll have more fun with the graphics if I do this subject, muohoho. Separated into categories-
Family - Gakuen Alice
Drama - Gankutsuou
Comedy (no, it's CRACK, but I dunno how else to categorize this to ignorant American-ish audiences... educational? O.o) - Yakitate!! Japan
Action - BLEACH

Thinking of bringing in Honey & Clover for "Romance" (even though a lot of it is drama), or Damekko/Onmyou for "Children" *shudder* (but it's not like the teacher's actually going to know the actual content, haha), but only if I have room for it. We'll see. :3
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