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*edit* BLACK CAT preview pic working now! eep

This time magazine scans. XD Weeeee stuff!!! I was pretty lazy when it came to cleaning up stuff this time... so mind random weird gaps for pullouts and dust in some places. :X There were so many GOOD images in this issue.. but I only scanned stuff that I REALLY wanted to scan. XD

links are likely to be dead now. Too late. :X
Lacus cover!: http://celadondigimon.homestead.com/files/Animedia2005JulyCover.jpg
Onmyou Taisenki PS2 ad: http://celadondigimon.homestead.com/files/Animedia2005JulyOnmyou.jpg
Onmyou Taisenki PS2 spotlight: http://celadondigimon.homestead.com/files/Animedia2005JulyOnmyou2.jpg
Naruto and Sasuke's voice actors, Takeuchi Junko and Non-tan... feeding each other. D:~~ mm subliminal yaoi. Junko looks nice :3 Someone TL the rest for me, hahaha : http://celadondigimon.homestead.com/files/Animedia2005July01.jpg
Fullmetal Alchemist sticker decal: http://celadondigimon.homestead.com/files/Animedia2005JulyHAGAREN.jpg
Erementar Gerad sticker decal: http://celadondigimon.homestead.com/files/Animedia2005JulyGerad.jpg
Tsubasa Reservoir sticker decal: http://celadondigimon.homestead.com/files/Animedia2005JulyTsubasa.jpg
Gundam SEED Destiny pullout: http://celadondigimon.homestead.com/files/Animedia2005JulyGSD01.jpg
Ah My Goddess pullout (look, a hint of Lunamaria on Belldandy's butt): http://celadondigimon.homestead.com/files/Animedia2005JulyAMG.jpg
BLACK CAT preview :O!! weeee Gonzo production~ http://celadondigimon.homestead.com/files/Animedia2005JulyBLACKCAT.jpg
BLEACH: http://celadondigimon.homestead.com/files/Animedia2005JulyBLEACH.jpg

Other stuff in the issue: FMA movie Pencilboard, and 82-page booklet of voice actor profiles that each one hand-wrote (~@.@~!!!!!), GSD, FMA, FMA movie (whoaz for weird Rose and Hughes lookalike... or something.. wtf? XD Other women with nice, large breast-cancerish boobs... then of course Winry x her dog and Riza x Hayate.... er yeah my mind's wandering) Inu Yasha, Gerad, AMG, CCS, Ichigo Mashimaro, Tsubasa Chronicle/XXX holic movie, He is My Master, Negima, KKM, Eureka 7, usual fanart galore,BL game advertisements omg :O~~ lots more... I can't think of it all XD

Ahh, the GSD pullout is on the other side with the AMG pullout, and I don't know which side I should put up.. D: I don't have any AMG stuff up yet, but I'm not completely fond of beachware... and while the GSD one looks silly, it's GSD...~ Ahh.... I can live with it... I need AMG! XD *use*

The issue had a top 24 (by vote) Anime and some other categories, but here's the Anime:
1. Gundam SEED series
2. Fullmetal Alchemist
3. Prince of Tennis
4. Card Captor Sakura (O_o)
5. Neo Genesis Evangelion (._.)
6. Inu Yasha
7. School Rumble
8. Sister Princess series
9. Shaman King
10. Naruto

11. Gakuen Alice (<3 yay~)
12. Soukyuu no Fafner (wee fangirl power)
13. One Piece
14. Saiyuki RELOAD
15. Yuu Yuu Hakusho (What about HxH :(~)
16. Z Gundam
17. D.C. ~Da Capo~
18. Tenjou Tenge
19. Gundam Wing (._. the power of bishounen)
20. BLEACH (still waiting to get on the rise? ^^)
21. Conan
22. Galaxy Angel
23. Love Hina
24. Gundam

Shaman King beat Naruto... XD;
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