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[talk][download] Retsu gogo! Music and some other blah

I had dinner with Paul and his dad at Olive Garden today. We saw Mrs. Mulay while waiting for a seat. I had seen her at Meijer before, and my mother had forced me to greet her even though I was too nervous to do so. This time, Paul and I just tried to move on with our own business... but I'm 100% she saw us since we had to walk right past her to get to our seat. Awkward, awkward. She probably had no idea that Paul and I even really knew each other (reminds me of Mrs. Taylor's revelation)... meh, who cares. I won't think about it for very long. XD Awkward, awkward. Mm, three meat ravioli <3 Anyway, I wish Paul luck on his new RO server with all those bitchy people :O Still kind of dreaming to just make my own some day, haha... to be like pRO without ever getting corrupted (what with all the unknown n00bs coming in and such differing opinions on the server's future)--I wouldn't let it get corrupted >:E

Random songs I'm enjoying at the moment... uploaded! D:

links are likely to be dead now. Too late. :X
Honey and Clover Ending: Suneohair - Waltz
Lia (vocal for AIR music): Colors of Life Album - Will - Down
One Piece Movie 4 Ending: Bump of Chicken - sailing day
BLEACH Opening 2: UVERworld - D-technoLife - Down
KOTOKO - Princess Bride! - Down
Eureka seveN Opening: FLOW - DAYS - Down
Konjiki no Gash Bell!! Ending 5: Echiura - Kyou Yori Ashita wa - Down

More Attitude sequel Takouji doujinshi up, I hope you enjoy. :)
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