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[talk] Finished PoT

Just finished Prince of Tennis, all eps and specials and weird stuff in between (well... relax on those musicals). Fun shounen (and seiyuu!!!! <3) ride. Like Paul's current ride with One Piece. Yappari, natsuyasumi wa saikou~ But man.... I ENVY HOW OFTEN THEY GET TO EAT SUSHI *cries*

Kinda picked up my old game of Ragnarok Offline and finished off the swordie class in one day. Kinda funny since it's the last of my 1st classes and it ended up being the strongest/easiest of all of them. Then again, supposedly the same in the Online.... mweh. x.x;~ Swordie finishes the last stage in like 7 minutes, while my other classes take at least 20 minutes ._. I might have to redo some of them because I didn't do well with their stats. The stat balance is kind of off in the game... str is way too useful, and agi is practically useless (It hardly lets you dodge and attack speed doesn't change). But it's still fun. ;D The unlocked Novice SUCKS (and slow as heck), but I suppose that's supposed to be the challenge. It's kind of amusing, tho... I pwned Eclipse by "accidentally" falling on it headfirst.

At KVCC... is kind of amusing that the design teacher asks me how to navigate Photoshop sometimes. She knows she's more experienced with Illustrator and InDesign.... but it's so easy navigating Illustrator and InDesign when I started with Photoshop. Doing a little vector trace Belldandy for the Illustrator graphic project.
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