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[talk] Cats

I keep losing focus on my perspective art piece for class because of the heat, so I did this tonight ._.~ It's okay, it's not due for another week anyway, and I finished the other projects due tomorrow on Monday night. xD

Hehe, my cats are sexy. ;3


Yes, those are fuzzies on my toes. XD~

More cat-ness and a couple pics of my room (not nearly as many Anime posters as Katie/Becky, though. Shucks, hehe ;D Slowly working on it~) at http://photobucket.com/albums/v516/ihorng/Home/ The ones that ended up really blurry were from my mom's digicam from work. :\

Lina03.jpg : Lina loves getting her nose scratched. It's nice and rough, too. Lucy's is too small for it.
Lina05.jpg : Conned Lina to lie down on her "spot" next to my bed.
Cats05.jpg : Lina disturbs us at just about every dinnertime. Heck, she pretty much stalks me any time I'm home. But it's pretty common for her to jump on the dinnertable and randomly sniff things. Most of the time, she just sits on one of the chairs or climbs over one and hangs around it. I think she just wants to stay on the same eye level as us.
Lina14.jpg - Lina18.jpg : Lina on the back of my computer chair. She <3's it there~

Oh yeah.. Lina's like 4, 5 years old, Lucy's about.. 14, 15? I don't remember... especially Lucy... wtf old fogie~ o.o; Still sassy for being over 100 years old in cat years.
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