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TOMORROW (Saturday) is garage sale day in the neighborhood! AND WE ARE MAKING EGGROLLS THIS YEAR! YES YUM JOY!! JOYGASM

Eggrolls start at 10am, $1 each. 100000000x better than Krispy Kremes. XD;

We're also selling lots of good tables/desks since my parents bought a lot of new appliances during the house remodeling.

I plan to help run cashier and screen Anime all day! XD I've been saving some releases on purpose. :X

BLEACH 34 (Lunar's since I watched BleachSociety's)
Erementer Gerad 7-8
Eureka seveN 3-5
Gundam SEED Destiny 32 Harotori
Naruto 136-137
Sousei no Aquarion 6-8
The Law of Ueki 8
Tsubasa Chronicle 7-8

Any leftover time = Prince of Tennis

Other possibilities:
Ah My Goddess
Damekko Doubutsu (Nothing new, but just because it cracks me up~)
Ichigo 100% (Er... is ecchi so dunno if I really should haha)
One Piece
Yakitate!! Japan (Nothing new, but just because it cracks me up~)
Zettai Shounen 1

Loveless 08 torrent + aarinfantasy's op/ed single release - Tsuki no Curse: http://www.point-blank.cc:7000/torrents/[aarinfantasy_&_RyRo]_Loveless_-_08_[0183D85F].avi_&_Op_Ed_Single.torrent?info_hash=d88939d833682b329561c0a55012e4592facdea1

*edit 3:33pm Sat*
We sold a good 200+ from 10am to noon and sold out not long after. Well, save a few for ourselves :X~ Couldn't get any of our tables sold, tho XD They were either too big or too small for what people were looking for.

But eh... the only things I managed to watch were Gerad 7, Tsubasa 7 and 8 and some PoT. Tsubasa because... it's so freaking slow that I could follow it without much problem even while taking care of all those customers at once XD
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