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Lol, Lina doesn't know how to eat. D:

Dad, Mom and I were eating icecream downstairs and Dad saw Lina randomly sitting on our weight scale. He commented on how Lina doesn't need to weigh herself because she's so freaking thin already (and his joking around "What you weigh? .5 pounds?"). Mom went over to the cupboard and brought out some kitty treats for an experiment of some sort. She fed one to Lina, and Lina tried to chew on it... after a few "chews" it popped back out, and she tried again. After a couple tries, Lucy caught on and went over to Mom for a treat. Mom fed Lucy a treat, commenting on how Lucy's a pretty good eater, and then Lucy ate it one try and wandered off. And then Lina attempted another 5 times to eat it. As soggy as it probably was by then, I think she ended up swallowing it in the end. XD

Although... it kind of makes me concerned if her teeth are kind of weak... hmm. Or maybe Lina really is just that stupid ._.~ Our cats don't eat anything on a normal basis except their self-feed dry cat food, and ever since we got Lina, the leftover crumbs near the food "station" have been... much more numerous, probably a result of Lina's failure. XD

Onmyou Taisenki 4 ^^~ http://www.point-blank.cc:7000/torrents/[RyRo]_Onmyou_Taisenki_-_04_[1D1E8DD8].avi.torrent?info_hash=9ff2de580f44c4ae66684c6aeb69bb500dfb7b43

Planning to release 5 tomorrow!

Merr.. really need to update my mp3 playlist *goes to do* and maybe the websites while I'm at it. >_>~ lol
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