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LOL some REALLY random 3 am thoughts...

Sugiyama Noriaki is the voice actor for Sasuke in Naruto and Usahara in Damekko Doubutsu.
Kamiya Hiroshi is the voice actor for Kouji in Digimon Frontier and Peganosuke in Damekko Doubutsu.
Takeuchi Junko is the voice actor for Naruto in Naruto and Takuya in Digimon Frontier.
In Damekko Doubutsu, I get these weird desires to make this funky love polygon involving Uruno and mostly Usahara and Peganosuke.
And that gets me thinking about Sugiyama Noriaki and Kamiya Hiroshi, which gets me thinking about Naruto and Digimon Frontier...
which gets me thinking about Naruto and Takuya... which gets me thinking about Takeuchi Junko... so I'm like... wtf Sugiyama Noriaki and Kamiya Hiroshi keep competing in my mind for similar characters... one in voice actor form and one in anime character form...

Paul came over today and told me I think about voice actors like girls think about Julia Roberts when she gets a role in a movie. I lent him Yakitate!! Japan and a fixed One Piece cd, so I hope he thoroughly enjoys them :)

As a side note, this is one of the reasons why Urd is my favorite Goddess, as ... weird and inappropriate as it is. XD http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v311/Splashgottaito/Screenshots/AMG/AMG20a.jpg

The people I interact with online really influence the way I type when I chat. I can't tell if it's a "skill" or a "bad habit" or just... something. My first typing habits have always been a "fangirl's," overloaded with smileys and cutesy words, and the works.

I remember back when I played cRO, I would talk to everyone like
"that bad. no do anything better? how to? why you do that?" <- (LOL littlefish)

Even when we were bringing new people to cRO and I was leading them around Prontera/training, I'd slip in cRO dialect when I was trying to type formally. It just felt too awkward for me at the time to stay formal.
"And here you can find weapon, armor, and other supplies from the NPCs. That helpful? so glad to be helpful ^^"

And then when I started playing pRO in the "2nd round," and Paul, Liz, Leanne were around... I dropped my cRO talk and slid back into old fangirl talk, and occasionally someone ticked me off enough to go strict (Sean and my 10 mil with increasing interest :D~)
"CHARIZARD" <- (well, maybe only Serg will get that one)

Then IRC fansubbing, starting with uke/yo then into AnY, and hanging out with all those i2 connections... For lack of a nicer way to describe it, brought out my crude and frank dialect. Really.. pretty darn well aware of how it makes me sound sometimes, but it's become a part of me already. And I only use it when the mood calls for it. I can still do IRC fansubbing with my usual happy fangirl attitude if the mood calls for it, as certain people have seen (*blinks at Sango*).

Then there are a few certain individuals who just do things and I end up stuck with them myself.~
Hon's ? <- (Yes, it's just a ? ... it's amazingly useful in some situations. XD)
Kouichi's >:B
Serg's :3 =3 :D ;o <- (there are probably a lot more, but I can't think of them atm)
Kodachrome's D:
Sango's "is okay" <- (drops the subject "it")
Sango's "raw is fuck" <- (um..)
Sango's :) and :(

Then again, Sango lives on the other side of the planet and has some of that Asian influence. He uses "lah" XD~ is like cRO talk... ah there I go. I'm going backwards! Or a circle? Well, no underestimating him... interesting genius, he is.

Yeah... this is what I get for taking a linguistics/anthropology class on the use of language.~ In the fall semester, I'm taking "language in discrimination!"

But man. I find the ways people type more interesting than the way people speak.

Mm need to play Fire Emblem Sacred Stones some... day..~~

Sango's running into some problems with Onmyou 06... "raw is fuck." :( Meh.. same problem we faced in 02, but it was solved in 03... and all three raws are from the same ripper. I don't get ittttttttttt.... Someone help him and don't get me involved because I know SHIT about encoding. I just want to get it moving. :(

Okay, was anybody able to follow that train of thought? Especially those first few things... XD
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