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Link flood.

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Waa... so much nice stuff in Animedia/Animage May issue.. Just some stuff that really caught my eye~
(500kb to 1mb)
Animage May 2005 cover (Gundam SEED Destiny)
Animedia May 2005 cover (EREMENTAR GERAD)
MAR pin-up (There was another MAR pic in the magazine, but I didn't feel like scanning it... just them standing around D:)
Ah My Goddess (Urd and Skuld looking nice~)
Ah My Goddess (Belldandy~)
BLEACH (Ichigo, was too lazy to clean up all that dust)

One of the inserts was a booklet of... *_*;;;;; tons of sheet music for new Anime openings and lyrics for op/ed of those Anime. I didn't scan any of the lyrics yet, though.
If someone would like a scan of the official kanji lyrics for these Anime openings (the ending songs for these Anime are also on the booklet) for fansubbing/translating purposes, drop me a message. Sorry, I only scanned sheet music for the ones I know myself or had enough info to recognize. :x
(1.5mb to 2mb)
BLEACH - "D-tecnoLife" by UVERworld
Eureka 7 - "DAYS" by FLOW
Eyeshield 21 - "BREAKTHROUGH" by Coming Century
Gundam SEED Destiny - "Bokutachi no Yukue" by Hitomi Takahashi
He is My Master - "TRUST" by Okui Masami
Ichigo 100% - "SHINE OF VOICE" by Dream
Loveless - "Tsuki no Jubaku" by Suzuka Okina (composed by Yuki Kajiura)
MAR - "Enter MAR HEAVEN as You Collect the Thoughts You Dreamed of" by Garnet Crow
NARUTO - "No Boy, No Cry" by Stance Punks
Sousei no Aquarion - "Sousei no Aquarion" by AKINO
The Law of Ueki - "FALCO" by Hitomi Shimatani
Trinity Blood - "Dress (BLOODY TRINITY MIX)" by BUCK-TICK
Tsubasa Reservoir - "Blaze" by Kotani Kinya
Zettai Shounen - "Hikari no Silhouette" by CooRie
ZOIDS GENESIS - "Yotaka no Yume/Nighthawk's Dream" by Do As Infinity

Lol... I really wanted the 9th Naruto ending "Nakushita Kotoba" instead of the new op :( and I would've rather had the 3rd BLEACH ending "Houki Boshi" instead of the new op, but I like the new op anyway. Would you believe if I said I actually keep up with Ichigo 100%... for the voice actors, seriously. The op/ed songs are catchy, too. :X~ Suzumura Kenichi~ Definitely not planning to continue He is My Master, and Eureka 7 is pretty boring (maybe it'll pick up later, or maybe it won't.. BONES hasn't had much luck with mecha), but... yeah. Lots of famous artists. D:

From an older issue, but forgot to put it up XD
Gundam SEED Destiny - "PRIDE" by High and Mighty Color
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