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Sano Seiichirou from The Law of Ueki

haha. I really can't get over Hoshi Souichirou with a Kansai accent... it's so amusing. Makehen!!

Koyasu Takehito in ep 4... who didn't see that coming D:

Come get your ice cream, little kids!

Have I ever mentioned that besides random brunets, I also have a weakness for young guys in bandanas/headbands and the sort? Even if this one has a giant burn scar thing on a good portion of his face D: Nevermind, probably old news...

Just some... basic shots...
of that nice... nice ribbon.............
Pretend you didn't see that thing about the ribbon... And that these few images...
Yes, they don't remind me of Kouji without the OMGZ-DON'T-TOUCH-ME attitude. Thank you for your cooperation :D
kthx go away ^_^ without the headband
Burn, baby, burnin guchiguchi
Ueki's dazed face!! Guess what time it is?
What time is it? SEX0RZ TIME!!!
HOW COULD YOU FORGET?! Now you owe me!!  Twice on bottom!
Hmm what? Fangirls are watching?
Oh, I don't know this guy.  We're complete strangers.

Hehe, that was fun.

Gah I want to get our releases out NOW XDDDD~ Things start off so slowly... I can only pray they'll pick up once the series get going.
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