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D: :D D: :D D:~~~~ CULTUREFIED!!!

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Damekko Doubutsu 01

Forgive me for missing some of the things like "alot" (shudder) x.x; I blame my player for skipping out on those lines while I was hashing out the other ones. ^^;;;; But all for good times!! It'll be easier from ep 4 or 5 or so onward since I won't have to go through the confinements of simply QCing. Yappari, editing no houga QCing yori ii desu. D: *dies in failage pool* Anyway, download loadloadload. I know you want to hear Sasuke's voice actor play a dude in a bunny costume. ;x

Goddam, my Japanese lecture GSI is so cool. D: I mean... someone who has a Samurai Champloo layout on his blog must be utterly worshippable. D: :D D: :D! Man, it really sucks that these guys only teach for half years. And Omar from my recitation class asked him a question about digging stuff up in Kyoto and the GSI answered it.... rofl, for some reason, I think that's cute beyond imagination.
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