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Screenshot happy for GSD 21~

I wonder what everyone's favorite CURRENTLY running (in Japan) series is.. D: Shout it out!!

Excuse my profanity for a short moment.


Shoot me if you want for using Saiyaman's crapalicious raw, but they had the most peers/seeds and I really need that to get anything decent through bt. Q_Q~ I just wanted to see the ep ASAP.... and heck it was worth it. It was almost as funny as a chopstick parody.

should be used in a OMGWTF lj icon

Also pardon non-sensical explanations in the ALT/overmouse text. These are fangirl thoughts in raw.
and people using Mozilla or whatever, use something that shows HTML PROPERLY if you want to read the ALT text. ;O

Hurhurr ROFL OMG THE PANT ZIPPING.  Nice timing, Athrun.  RIGHT when Lunamaria was looking down there.

Meer greets Lunamaria... :O GRR REVENGE WHY YOU DO THIS!?!?!

TELL ME WHY YOU DO THIS? WHY YOU DO??? He really needs to just tell her about Cagalli. :B

nice.  By the way, he looks nice in that shirt. XD Athrun's like... 'N0ez.  Go 'way.  Shoveit j00.'

D: 'Sorry I don't fly that way. D:'

Go look at the pretty ponies over there, why don't you? Maaya Sakamoto stop making me get ticked at you plz D:

'Look I'm populAHR. :O' Water-humping as some have coined it.

Wow, they're having fun. LIKE DOLPHINS!!

*is tempted to splatter in big red text-- PWNED So much water detail... love~

Ohhh.... nice... gdsffffffff...

Well, I guess the emotional outbreaks are about as awkward as they are in Onmyou. Yeah... he's talking to her like she's 10-years-old, actually. Wee D:~ gyu. gyu.

Good times. Looks like she's going to take 'em off, doesn't it... (she doesn't. snap.)

Whoa boobs. Meep!

...Wow.  Oh yeah, someone should turn that Shinn expression into a OMG lj icon too. Haha.

Hmm.. hot, but it doesn't really look like Shinn. Hey, might as well pretend they're both guys while I'm at it!


...Yay women with mental problems. :O Ironically, they end up in more ecchi situations than the ones in AIR anime. haha.

I don't particularly hate anyone in the series yet (uh, Fllay sucked in first season, but she's dead now so who cares XD)... this series is just too easy to enjoy and make fun of to really make fun of any of them.
This ep had such nice detailed motion animation (good still-frame, too), that's my favorite~ :O~
I think this is one of my screenshot sessions where I screened just about as many girls as guys. It's usually one-sided. D:

Anyway, will probably edit this post if I think of more things to say. Haha. Have at it <3
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