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Tsubasa Reservoir Anime sexiness:
Music: Yuki Kajiura

Theme Song Performance:
Kinya Kotani (OP)
Maaya Sakamoto (ED)

Kotani Kinya's ALIVE... I seriously have not kept up with this guy since Gravitation. ehee bad me. ._.; Other than that... KYAAA MORE MAAYA SAKAMOTO AND YUKI KAJIURA~

YOUMAOTAKUS DIGIMON X-EVOLUTION SUBBED: http://spike-domain.net/koro/bt/ leech off me while you can!! XD

Ahh, finally, AnY Sukisyo 1-2 released.. xD;; 3 coming soon, if QCing goes well (The AnY QC staff is freaking lazy, so I dunno... I did my own QC for 3, but I was purposely not as picky because I can't really... since I edited it... ._.). Biggest delay was typesetting, but now that our typesetter has passed that hurdle, the rest will be much easier ;3

The encoding will get even better in future episodes =D BT DOWNLOAD HERE. Or visit #AnimeYuki on Rizon to leech off the many yummy xdcc bots. <3


Bows to Sting for typesetting the signs after... much education

Ah My Goddess TV is going well, too. We're going to try even better quality stuff for the future eps now that... we have the majority of the leechers out of 4 groups, including Solar (which is essentially SEED-Fansubs) and ANBU... *sweat* I will admit that the typesetting and encoding is the biggest advantage we have over them at the moment. XD;

And I wonder what the hell's up with Shinsen-subs... they need to get their own projects, or pick series that NEED more fansubs like Gakuen Alice or Meine Liebe. Wtf, why Samurai Champloo? Yes, SC is good, but... GAH Gakuen Alice plz.... I need my KoDoCha x10 sexiness and voice actor fun crack~ XD; They're probably pissing off a lot of the higher calibur groups, too...

Speaking of Gakuen Alice... Look, it's the Elric brothers!!! (Well, NOT voice-actor-wise because I-fail-at-life, but pretty close XD Kugiyama Rie does Hotaru~):

Yeah, the main characters are female, but there are a ton of bois to go along with the fun. Knowing me.. yeah.

Main character: Mikan

Her target: Hotaru

f33l the KoDoCha similarities.. XD But here's where things get more cooked up. x3

ONE chance to guess who this (Narumi) looks like. Those who need a clue... ISHIDA Akira. OHHH THE PUNNINESSSSSS XDDDDD

Natsume played by Paku Romi... first impression = Sasukerific~ He has the fire thing going on. ;3


Sakurai Takahiro (good 'ol Gash Bell, Kyou Kara Maou, tactics, Meine Liebe~):

Uh.. that's it for now. XD I won't describe the plot or anything of the sort, go out and try it if you're that curious~ x3. This seriously needs to get subbed faster, but I don't have the raws for it. Meanwhile, Naisho-Fansubs have subbed 1-4: AnimeSuki linkage.

yanked from cchan who yanked from myth:
You scored as Sci-Fi/Fantasy. You scored Sci-Fi/Fantasy. Depending on the movie this might not deserve a "Congratulations", but you're interested in the future and imaginary worlds far from your own. You probably wish you could be somebody else, or live in one of the worlds from your favourite movies. Check out: Lord of the Rings, Spiderman, Star Wars, The Matrix.






Sadistic Humour


Romantic Comedy






Mindless Action Flick


Movie Recommendation.
created with QuizFarm.com

Wee, I blame my addiction to escapism =D!!! <3

YoumaOtakus Digimon X-Evolution coming soon.. XDDD;;; Gah, there are already a couple timing and grammatical errors in it, but we'll fix those on DVD release (if there is DVD.. o_o)~ Our sub's 1gb, but we're also offering a 250mb or so .rmvb when we release. "Good times." =3
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