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behold, just when Kyou Kara Maou and Sukisyo make face... even MORE S-ai is on the way!!! 8D

M000000sic =ooo Orange Range's musiQ (songs definitely fit the album title... so crazy XD) and L'arc~en~Ciel's Killing Me. Yum~

Chopstick's GSD 13 Parody... too much XDDDDD ghahahahaa.

NewType February 2005 - I knew Tsubasa Reservoir was getting animated, but Loveless, too? *_*;;;;;;;;;;; Those shounen-ai/yaoi artists are really starting to real in the money, ne. ;3 There are a lot of other series NewType hyped that look interesting, too.

Oh yeah... I'm working with AnimeYuki as editor for Sukisyo. YoumaOtakus is going to do... a different project. ;3

... Loving it!

Paul's coming up this weekend. Hoping for good times.

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