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Ah My Goddess 2005! and other stuff!

Ganbatte lj ^^;

Random question-- why is cafeteria Chefboyardee ravioli so much softer than canned Chefboyardee ravioli? =o I like the cafeteria...~

There's going to be a national boycott on the president's Inauguration day, January 20th. In other words, don't buy anything that will support the US economy. The fact that this event is becoming so widespread MEANS something, doesn't it. ;p Of course, everybody says that boycotts almost never make an impact, but many people who participate in them are well aware of that. Anyway, it'll be really easy for me to do, so I'll go for it. Ohoho. More on the political scene... Talk about sore losers --> http://gottaito.fateback.com/free_fma.20050113.txt

Yeah, crapilicious sarcastic mood swings Q_Q; *crawls into a hole*

08 December 2004
Overruled by Discrimination
I’ll admit it. I was ignorant about discrimination once. Way back in 7th grade art class, I had the opportunity to turn an ordinary mailbox into a sculpture with a couple of my friends. While we were working, a classmate of the white majority (or, to be frank, a bully) walked by us and spat on our project on the way, calling our sculpture “made for little kids.” My immature little self became irate, and I decided to use a word I had often heard others use as an insult. I called him a “fag.” To this, the boy retorted, “Whoa, what nasty words coming from a little Chinese girl. Becoming like us, are you?” After the encounter, my friends told me—in a very disappointed tone—not to use “that word.” I didn’t understand why everyone was so riled up about what I thought was a simple insult, and I also didn’t understand why the bully said such things. I think that was the first time I really felt like something was still not justified in the country I live in. I’m different now.
It wasn’t until several years after the incident when I came to notice that despite going through a Civil Rights movement, most of America still discriminates against its own people. Keeping my mind open against discrimination, it recently came to my attention that we Asian-Americans have it tough in the states, and especially those within the LGBT community. Not only do they have to face the onslaught of ignorance from other ethnicities, but they have to face the ignorance from what people have described as the “moral” front. LGBT Asian-Pacific Americans are not only excluded from mainstream American society, they are shut out of the APA community as well. Even most LGBT communities will shun them because they are Asian (Paradox Staff, 1999). Who’s left to support them? Can’t they just get a break?
“Because gay and lesbian youth in general face extremely high suicide rates, Asian American gay or lesbian youth may be at extra risk. Many will not consider coming out to their families because the cultural stigma is so strong.” (Asian Cultural Diversity Roundtable, Session 3). Since LGBT APAs have a difficult time connecting with others more than the average LGBT person or APA, it’s no wonder why they would feel helpless to the point of suicide. Certainly, we shouldn’t leave this situation alone; however, with recent events, it seems “we” want to rub salt on the LGBT APA wounds. With the recent passing of the constitutional ban on gay marriage in 17 states, ignorance has spread its roots to the government. Now the LGBT APAs have yet another burdening brick of injustice on them.
Some argue that the LGBT issue is completely different from discrimination against ethnic groups. On the contrary—there is no difference. Let’s not forget that interracial marriages were once banned in 40 states in America. A Virginia Judge upheld that State's ban on interracial marriages saying: "Almighty God created the races white, black, yellow, Malay and red, and he placed them on separate continents…. The fact that he separated the races shows that he did not intend for the races to mix." In 1967, the US Supreme Court declared such laws unconstitutional (although it took 33 years later for Alabama to finally remove their constitutional provision. A little slow, anyone?). Amusingly, the Virginia Judge’s comment seems to have the same rhetorical tone as that used against gay marriages today.
So what message does this give to those seeking to insert religious beliefs into the constitution? Allow me to address them briefly. If you want to impose your religious beliefs on those abiding by the constitutional right to the pursuit of happiness, you will only be a hypocrite in America. Let’s see how well you fare as a hypocrite. Or, to prevent being a hypocrite, eliminate people’s right to the pursuit of happiness before imposing those religious beliefs. Erase it from the constitution! Let’s see how well that will fare with America.
But, oh, lucky heterosexual Asian-Americans! Your interracial marriages are no longer barred by religious guidelines that not all of you followed! I’m sure you feel much freer than you previously did. Indeed, this is a true step towards tolerance in America’s society.
What about your cousin who can’t get benefits because she’s living with the love of her life… who happens to be female as well? Can you be satisfied with your freedoms while allowing certain others live without them because some words on the constitution excludes them for their mere existence? Your LGBT population will never be able to be your equal in the eyes of the government as it is.
We, as humans, have no right to discriminate against LGBT people. It is simply not fair that those LGBT people who have worked as hard as their fellow humans be rewarded with less rights and liberty as their heterosexual counterparts. Millions are suffering injustice because of a grave mistake on America’s part. Currently, most governments refuse to give equal rights to justice to LGBT people as they give heterosexuals. If the government refuses to back up their people without discriminating, the people need to see that changes are made to eliminate the discrimination. Asian-Pacific Americans, who have been targeted significantly in the past, need to stand up for their fellow humans. As they have suffered legislative discrimination in the past 200 years, they should fully empathize with the LGBT situation. Changes start with the individual, but nothing will come of it if one does nothing with the change. If Asian-Pacific Americans can’t even accept LGBT people as equals, how can they expect to be treated as equals in America? Will we ever be able to “secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves” as the United States Constitution asserts? Unless we all unite as true equals, we cannot ever call America a country of “freedom” and “tolerance.”

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I am nerdier than 74% of all people. Are you nerdier? Click here to find out!

As of right now, seven subbing groups are doing AIR. Same as GSD when it started... --;;;

So, during the outage, AnimeOne and AnimeYuki released Ah My Goddess 01. XD Remake of the OVA plus more, apparently. =3 DOWNLOAD NOW. Q_Q More likely, it's a lot faster if you get it off the IRC bots, though. Both chans have an insane amount of bots.... I like.

We t3h win XD: http://ultracarl.darkslyde.net/fansub/AMG/

Just 4 screens:

OHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh~~~~~ the credits!!!!! XD

Now doesn't look nice and spammy. ^_^ So amusing. Ep 2 coming out soon. =3

*edit* Ep 2 out =D Back on schedule.

Lol... Aone, who was once a competitor for Hikaru no Go 2004 and GSD... the feel of competition from them is long gone, now. People still download the HnG 2004 special from the torrent site even though it's been running for over a year. It's really fascinating... and nice... =D I love you, anonymous seeders!!!

One Piece 126... my favorite episode ^_^ Don't forget to get the extra release, Dvorak's New World symphony Mov. 4. dythim had asked me to send him a copy of the rip I had (Since his is Cleveland SO and mine is Chicago SO... I like the Chicago one more because it's a tiny bit less draggy and has a fuller sound), but I forgot to bring it back from home to make FLAC versions, since dythim only distros FLAC. =x He does have my mp3 rip of it, though. AND SO YOU CAN YOU! 8D

Antonio Dvorak - Symphony No.9, Op.95 (New World Symphony), Movement 4 - Allegro con fuoco (link down, stalk me for it if you want)

Oops, forgot -- Saw GSD 14 and Fafner 25/26 (final) today.... ANGST OVERLOAD!!!!!! Q_________Q;;; Cried in both.. New GSD opening pwns. PWN PWN PWN PWN. Successfully managed to understand the gidst of Fafner 25/26 even though I haven't even seen 23 and 24.. ._.;
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