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Anime Season~

I kind of had a breakdown while reading Amy Tan's "Two Kinds" today...
I sent mom my grades for the fall 2004 term just an hour ago.
I know I should really be enjoying this college experience, but there's something in the back of my mind that wishes it was over already and I was already part of the mundane working society that the generation before me is in currently.
Sometimes this thing in the back of my mind likes to move to the front.
I wish I had the physical capability to express all of these thoughts in manga in perfect fluidity. I have ideas, and some of them even have form, but I haven't been able to actually DRAW it. Too many other things... too many other EXPECTATIONS...
It's getting more and more difficult explaining the things I do now. Too bad things aren't as simple as the reason behind DORUmon's ANGST in Digimon X-evolution.

Google rules.

Updated Anime/Manga list for Fall 2004/Winter 2005:
Ongoing/Keeping (so far):
Beet the Vandel Buster (Ai Maeda~ Kiuchi Reiko~ Digimon voice actors~ The monsters look way too DBZ-ugly-like and the humans aren't much better...Not to mention that the talk about gaining experience and leveling up makes me feel really awkward... but I can live with it. Nana Kitade for the ending song = NICE.)
BLEACH (Asterisk finally coming out next month!!! I'm going to stalk it much~)
Elfen Lied (finished)
Grenadier (omg sudden Nakai Kazuya addiction!!!~~!)
Gundam SEED Destiny (DAMN YOU, YUUNA!! DAMN YOU!!)
Harukanaru Toki no Naka de (The show's boring right now, but at least there are a ton of hot, famous voice actors to occupy me when I make time for it)
Kannaduki no Miko (finished)
Konjiki no Gash Bell!! (pokes dythim to sub faster.. XD Ahh, he's such a nice guy. I can leech the raws off him if I want to, but I don't mind waiting for his subs. <3)
Kyou Kara Maou! (sub faster!! Although I can understand why it takes a while, since it's difficult to translate... but it really annoys me when subbing groups do batch releases x_x)
Naruto (bitch!Sasuke hath arriveth!)
One Piece (omg Nakai Kazuya! XD)
Onmyou Taisenki (sub, damn!!! XD)
Samurai 7
Samurai Champloo (omg Nakai Kazuya! XD Coming back soon...)
Soukyuu no Fafner (sub faster!!! Gimme those s-ai undertones!! XD)
tactics (KYAAA MORE S-AI UNDERTONES! XD I'm on AnimeYuki's team for this, look for me in the Special Thanks credits ;D)
Tales of Phantasia (Three episodes, each with months wait in between. Oh well, it's all good~)
Yakitate!! Japan (sub faster!!! Need my bread crack!)

New for Winter 2005:
Ah My Goddess! (remake of the OVA, plus more. I'm on the editing team with AnimeYuki/AnimeOne. Working with AnimeOne!! So interesting.)
AIR (first episode was a lot more humorous then the trailer played it as. I like. It's very down-to-earth.)
Digimon X-evolution (translating and doing whatever else I can to help with this subbing project. Wait for it ^_^)
Sukisyo (MUAHAHAH THE S-AI GOODNESS!! AND IT'S REAL S-AI. >D Not to mention the voice actors~ both good 'ol GSEED boys, Ishida Akira and Houshi Soichiro, along with the usual Midorikawa Hikaru and Miki Shinichirou~ The yaoi fangirls are going to be all over this one... ._.)
Xenosaga (I know the video game is pretty popular, plus AnimeYuki is subbing it, so that just makes it a bit bonusy. Ai Maeda and Hirata Hiroaki! Digimon voice actors~ I might join the QC for this, not sure)

Waiting in Spring 2005:
Tsubasa Reservoir
Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid

When the F is Final Fantasy Advent Children coming out?!?! XDDDD

BLEACH (Well, downloading it, but not really reading it XD; The Anime's got enough of my attention as it is)
D.Gray-man (Check it out!!! I personally think it has more potential than FMA--they're very similar. Only reason why FMA is so popular in the first place is because BONES animated it, famous bands for the opening/endings, and the Anime leaves a good first impression. Oh yeah, and Winry. ;p)
Death Note
Hana Kimi (haven't consistently hunted this one, but it's still on my list)
Hunter x Hunter
Naruto (I'm actually not disappointed at all about the big break. I almost want to say "Take that, Narutards!" but I was one not long ago and I still kind of am.. only because of the hot boys. But boohoo, there are many more out there, just have to make some effort to open your mind. ;p)
One Piece

Tried and dropped:
BECK (Opening song is catchy, the Engrish is funny, but drunken bands don't interest me... if people tell me it's a lot better in a couple dozen eps or whatever, I may pick it up again.)
Mai-HiME (My Hime) (... ROD still has me for kick-ass girl Anime. BakuTen, Noir, Madlax... none of them have gotten to me yet... =\ All of my fanboy and lesbian friends seem to love this, though. It's their kind of fanservice, doi... but it's not mine ;p)
Sunabouzo (*yawn*)
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