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Onmyou Taisenki 12

Did Japanese exam today ~ (I typed Digi instead of Did at first there.. >>)

If Digimon is underrated, Onmyou Taisenki is underrated x100 Q_______Q; Only place where Jason found to buy the manga was a Japanese store... and the shipping price is 3 times the price of the manga or something like that -.-;;;;
..... sdlfkjdskjfldkjfldkfjfsdfsdd

I don't want to spoil much, but something... some thingS... are developing from this episode... I can't wait to see what happens =o.

Itadakimasu~His bangs like to move a lot.  It's very... yummy? But... something about his personality makes me feel like he's... iunno... XD;;;

Clueless as usual~..... sdlfkjdskjfldkjfldkfjfsdfsdd

I can read all of those!!! Yay first year Japanese!!!! XuX!angle change

*stares at the figure*woosh

more wooooooosheyes~

gyuuuuthe ribbons give a nice effect


Watching his movements make me really interested in the hand movements in general o_ocolorful~


RAWR. I PMS.ABYSS OF DEATH... or something like that

=3Kogenta's mad because I didn't screen him even though he's the hero of the ep... and indeed a hero Q___Q

Something really freaky happens in this ep... ._.;

And a couple ed song shots because... they're hawt.

but some of these screens can give an idea of why no one has subbed it so far... typesetting nightmare!! Amongst other things. 8O~~~
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