Splash (splash) wrote,

Today's a Larky day~

Got my L'arc~en~Ciel at Otakon DVD!!!! It's SO SMEXAMALICIOUS <3333333333333 hyde and his shilly half cornrows!! XDD;;;;;; Only thing I wish they had kept on there was Ken's dolphin thing at the beginning of the "encore"... XD;;; But I DID get to see ken trashing and kicking his guitar and hyde molest-groping tetsu that I missed before. <3 Some usual clips of the interview and photoshoot in Baltimore were in there as well. Nyyaaaa *___*; Random comment, it was only the last song, "Pieces" that I felt the usual hyde voice I'm used to hearing from his other concerts. Heard bits of it in Hitomi no Jyuunin, too... but goddam, it's so beautiful. I actually remember hearing a bunch of high pitches at the end, but I thought it was one of the guitars... no, that was hyde. falsetto galore~~ o______o;

Tsubasa Reservoir (along with XXXholic) is going to be animated for 2005. 8O~~~~~ Man, makes me wanna go out and buy the manga even more.. XD; but.. so... expensive... boxsets would be nice tho... hmmmmmm...
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