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She's WATCHING YOU.  Seriously.Finals for the next week until Mon the 20th... last one is math exam... eeekekek.

Can't wait for Digimon X-evolution to air next month =3~ Hiroaki Hirata-ness~ Sanji/Leomon x3~~~


Yeah... stalk...er... !list me on IRC if you want some of this action (aka everything on my 200gb external drive), but be wary not to get banned, as the list on the right indicates. I've already added more to that list. Wow, I'm surprised at the amount of people that DON'T KNOW HOW TO FOLLOW RULES. That goes for the world in general. At least I feel the sweet justice when I have control over the FTP. *grumblegrumble* IF PEOPLE JUST FOLLOWED THEM WE COULD ALL BE HAPPY. And I love it how I state clearly in the rules and when I ban people to PM me on IRC, and they never do. >O Kaizoku-fansubs love!! Original content justice!!! *throws stabby things at the dub* Q______Q;
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